Friday, November 24, 2023

Funny Friday - Or is it Funny? 42

I never expected to earn a living in my bedroom, then along came COVID, and remote work - and my home workspace is in my bedroom.  So in essence I earned a living in my bedroom for a couple of years, and still do most of the week.  

Many years ago a woman I was working with was lamenting her financial need, and I remarked (this was in the 1980's and sexual harassment was not as well understood) "well you could always work the south Trail at night."  She had the best response ever, "with what men expected when I was giving it away, I would hate to think they would expect if they were paying for it." Well said - very well said. 

Facebook and YouTube shorts have a fair number of cute young things that seem to be making a really great living in various states of undress and beyond.  Some have a sideline of teaching other cute young things how to make significant money online selling access to their video feeds. I don't think OnlyFans is an option for me, I think I would have to pay people to watch (never underestimate how twisted some people are.) 

Ah, if I had known when I was young a cute, what I know now.  




  1. You'll need a sideline when you're retired. This sounds like easy money. As you say, there are a lot of twisted people out there!

  2. Well, if we can't sell our bodies, we could always sell then for parts.

  3. LOL...isn't that the truth!

    1. Oh how the workplace has changed.

  4. no harm trying I suppose.

  5. Or perhaps a "reverse Only Fans" they pay you to keep the camera shut off

  6. I was thinking I could be an Only-fans 'Warning Sight" people subscribed to to see what would happen if they don't watch their diets and stop going to the gym...kind of like a passive motivator. Every time they feel their motivation slipping, one peep at me will get them back on track pronto.