Friday, February 22, 2019


Make it larger, and you will see them, the line of ants working together across this rock, horizontal, parallel and slightly below the crease in the rock on the right hand side, see them yet? There were hundreds if them, working back and forth.  

Any idea what they were doing? 

Thursday, February 21, 2019


Extinct, as is no more living animals or plants of a variety left.  I saw the last Dusky Seaside Sparrow, before it died, passing the tiny bird into extinction. The Dusky was native to the pine marshes of east central Florida, the last pair were captured and taken to Disney in Orlando who attempted, unsuccessfully a captive breeding program.  They are as gone, as good ideas for creative blog postings this morning.   

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

The Way We Were Wednesday

This was taken in about 1985, when my first spouse turned 35.  How old we thought 35 was.  How wrong we were.  

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Collection of Oddities

I enjoy seeing odd or offbeat things, and not just family.  I came across this is the Museum of Natural History in Cleveland.  What is it?  The heart of a Giraffe.  I bet you have never seen one of those before, or ever will again.  

Monday, February 18, 2019

Giving in to my desires

I set aside my stingy upbringing, and gave into my desires.  I have long wanted a Convertible, but they are terribly impractical. Convertibles don't have much room, the tops require maintenance, they just don't make sense.  But I can put the top down and let what is left of my hair blow in the wind.  When I was in my early 20's I had an affair with a woman who had an MGB.  We had so much fun driving around with the top down and the music up.  If every part of that relationship had worked as well as my relationship with Shirley's car, my life might have gone in another direction altogether.  

But I had never owned one.  And I wanted one, or as I put it when I walked into a couple of car dealers "I NEED a convertible.  

Now I am still stingy.  This is a second car, for a guy who only drives 5,000 miles a year.  I shopped around and found a used one, it is 10 years old, with a little under 44,000 miles on it.  It appears to be in solid mechanical shape, there are a couple of flaws in the finish - but who cares.  When the top down and the music is up, my desires are met.  It is a hardtop convertible, it has a metal roof, with an operable glass sunroof, that folds and fills the trunk.  The metal roof will be less maintenance than a soft top and should be less prone to leaking.  

We need to name it, your suggestions? 

Sunday, February 17, 2019

Sunday Five - Art and Artists

On my, oh my, oh my, I am almost late posting the Sunday five.  I can't let that happen, I must tap into the creative powers and put out.  Creative powers, hence art, hence this weeks sunday five. 

1: What art(s) do your practice (secretly or publicly?) 
2: I have a board meeting in Nashville the end of the month, the team building exercise is recording a song live on the stage at the Ryman Auditorium.  Are you comfortable singing in public? 
3: The image above is by Andy Warhol,  was he a great artist or a great marketer? 
4: As a child did you follow the rules and color inside the lines and use the correct colors? 
5: Is there a piece of art that you created, on display or use in your home? 

My answers: 
1: What art(s) do your practice (secretly or publicly?) Photography and painting.  I want to do jewelry making again. 
2: I have a board meeting in Nashville the end of the month, the board team building exercise is recording a song live on the stage at the Ryman Auditorium.  Are you comfortable singing in public? This will stretch me way outside of my comfort zone, I think it is meant to do that. 
3: The image above is by Andy Warhol,  was he a great artist or a great marketer? He did some neat work, but I think he is overrated. 
4: As a child did you follow the rules and color inside the lines and use the correct colors? I stayed inside the lines, but had my own sense of color. 
5: Is there a piece of art that you created, on display or use in your home? Paintings, photographs, two silver boxes and a metal inlay piece I made at University.  

Saturday, February 16, 2019


Orchids, the first big collections I saw of them, was at Leu Gardens in Orlando.  One of the gardners, sent me off to a greenhouse that supplied the gardens.  It was fascinating, the guy at the greenhouse explained how time consuming and complicated it was to capture and germinate the seeds, how long crosses and changes took.  Jump forward 30 years, and most Orchids bought today, are clones.  Cloning reduced the time and cost of reproduction dramatically.  

What changes will happen in the next 30 years? 

Friday, February 15, 2019

I don't know how to answer that?

A couple of weeks ago, we went to Cleveland for a long weekend for a mid-winter family picnic.  J's family are a fun bunch, mostly central European stock.  The hotel we selected was only a couple of miles from the Pierogi shop.  Always a fun place.  
We took J's mother out to dinner one time and I ordered Ravioli, she was curious what it was.  I showed her, she tried one, and said, "why don't they just call them Pierogi, like everyone else?"  I miss Lill.  

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Two Hot Men On Valentines Day

The thermal camera shows how hot we are, what more can I say?
May you enjoy unconditional love,

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

The Way We Were Wednesday - 1974

On Valentines day, in 1974, I bought my first 35mm SLR, a Konica T3.  A camera with shutter-speed priority automatic exposure.  I was never really happy with it.  15 months later I sold it to a classmate and moved onto much better.   This shot was taken with the Konica.  

Which is worse, the sideburns or the red pants? 

Tuesday, February 12, 2019


Looking in on the world, Hi!  
I was in a small planetarium, I rested the camera to steady it, pointing up to see if I could capture the projected stars.  

Monday, February 11, 2019


There was recently a posting about bicycles,  I still have the first one my parents bought me.  I have owned seven or eight of them over the years.  I currently have three.  

Thinking about that, triggered, a story from my father's childhood.  He was born in 1927, raised in the heart of the great depression.  His father worked for Ford and was never out of work, though at times he was down to a couple of days per week.  My father worked in the garden, and on the market and saved up and bought a bicycle.  One of the pre-war models with chrome, built in lights, he bought the top of the line, with literally all of the bells and whistles. The best of the best. He was so proud of it. One night someone stole it.  30 year later, his mother told me about it, he couldn't talk about it.  Looking back at it, he never really recovered from someone stealing his bike.  He never again splurged on the top of the line, with all of the bells and whistles.  He had some nice things, but when it came to buying a Buick or a Cadillac, he never let himself have the best.  He held back.  His fear of loss, kept him from treating himself to the finest again. 

I have to ask myself, what fears are holding me back from enjoying life?  

Are there fears holding you back? 

Sunday, February 10, 2019

Old is Relative

Having been around for six decades, some think I am old.  Old is relative.  One of the reasons we need to travel, and explore is to get perspective.  When I was a teenager one of my grandmother's cousin's visited from England for a couple of weeks.  We took him to a history museum in Detroit and he commented that things we thought of as old, were barely out of date.  25 years later when I first visited Rome I was reading the description on a sculpture in the Vatican Museum, I was stuck by the fact the sculpture had been in that spot since 1776 - as long as the USA has been a country. Looking at the dinosaur bones, I am but a blink in time.  It is all relative.  

What makes you feel young?   

Saturday, February 09, 2019

Characters - The Sunday Five

This was one of my paternal grandfather's brothers.  He was a character, he was a bartender, a gambler, a drunk, and a philanderer.  Both of his wives showed up at his funeral.  Hence this weeks Sunday Five, characters. 

1: Have you met anyone who made a living as a professional (even if illegal) gambler? 
2: Have you met a convicted murderer? 
3: Have you met anyone who remarried without divorcing the first spouse? 
4: Which side of your family, mother's or fathers, had the most interesting characters? 
5: In what way are you a character? 

My Answers: 
1: Have you met anyone who made a living as a professional (even if illegal) gambler? One of my great-uncles was the real pool hustler. 
2: Have you met a convicted murderer?  A new neighbor moved in down the road on the farm one summer, he stopped by to introduce himself and said, "before you hear it from someone else, let me tell you what happened," he was a very good neighbor as long as you didn't have an affair with his wife.   
3: Have you met anyone who remarried without divorcing the first spouse? Two people, as mentioned above both of Dutch's wives showed up at the funeral - they both understood and loved him, the other one was deeply surprised when his first wife found him, and had a big problem with his second wife.  It did not end well.  
4: Which side of your family, mother's or father's, had the most interesting characters? My paternal grandfather had a couple of brothers that were outrageous characters, my mother's family was quiet and repressed.  
5: In what way are you a character?  The first half of my life, I tried to do what others thought I should do, the second half I have made my own way in the world - in work, love, and travel - I will have much more enjoyed the second half. 

Your answers in the comments. 

King Street Metro Station

The parking lot, bus stops and drop off are at the King Street Metro station in Alexandria, VA is torn up and being rebuilt.  What a mess.  

Friday, February 08, 2019

Kennedy Center

The weather forecast was dire the day we had tickets for the Opera, then the snow was delayed in arriving.  So we went, drove into the city, parked at the Kennedy Center ($23 - but lots of space available.) By the time we left to come home the snow was starting to accumulate, but the streets were largely clear until we got near to home.  Overnight and the following day, we picked up about 10 inches of snow - and had a snow day. 

Thursday, February 07, 2019

A Night At The Opera

I like classical music, but, I generally find the forced and unnatural voices in opera unpleasant. I don't find the sound of shrieking scorched cats pleasant.  Hence, I had never been to the opera.  Until recently.  

The son, of one of Jay's college classmates, had a new American opera selected for a world premiere at the Washington National Opera American Opera Initiative Festival at the Kennedy Center here in Washington, DC.  How could I say no? 

The show was three short operas (about 20 minutes each.) The first of the three titled "75 Miles" was depressing and hard to listen to.  The second was titled "Relapse" it was well written, and had a redeeming ending - good and hope triumphed over temptation and evil. The third one titled "Pepito" was brilliant, well written, well performed.  Samuel Weiser, the artist who played the title role of Pepito - a dog, was amazing and entertaining.  If you get a chance to see Pepito or hear Sam Weiser, please do so.  

In ten years of living in the DC area, it was the first time I went to a show at the Kennedy Center.  It was fun.  The outside of the building is unusual, the theater was surprisingly nice inside.  

Have you been to an Opera?  

Wednesday, February 06, 2019

The Way We Were Wednesday - Flying

I grew up around little airplanes and little airports in Michigan and Florida.  My mother was never really fond of flying.  I was my father's flying companion in my teenage years.  I have a lot of fond memories of flying.  I look back at it, and realize how unusual my experience was.  It felt very normal to me, but few people had the experiences that I did.  

The plane in the picture, was an experimental test model for Piper.  It is no longer registered, when the testing was done, it was disassembled and scrapped.  I took this picture at the Piper factory in Vero Beach, Florida in the early 70's.   

Have you flown in private aircraft? 

Tuesday, February 05, 2019

Staying Out Of Trouble

Travel can be an adventure, at times I have gone out of my way, to stay out of the way of trouble.  I have encountered street protests, in Paris, Rome and Athens.  General or transit strikes in Athens and Rome (the one in Rome was for four hours.)  I have worked my way around political protests in London, Chicago and of course Washington DC.  There were riots in London one trip. 

I go around, stay away, don't take sides, don't voice my opinion.  It is fairly easy to do.  

There are places I have not traveled to because I am uncomfortable with security (Egypt for example.) 

Monday, February 04, 2019

The College of The Holy Cross, Woster, Massachusetts

Last fall I was invited to go to Woster, Mass to speak at a conference at the College of the Holy Cross.  It was a rare for me, one night trip, flying up the day before, spending the night, speaking, heading back to the airport in Boston and flying back that evening.  I try to avoid single night trips, I find them wearing.  I seldom sleep as well the first night in a hotel as I do the second night.  Even when we are "touring" on vacation, I try to stick to the two night rule - a minimum of two nights in any place that I stop.  

It was a great conference, very accomodating, good audience, nice meeting facilities.  I was glad I was able to do it. 

The Conference organizers arranged a local shuttle service to pick me up and drop me off at the airport in Boston.  The ride back to the airport, was interesting.  The other passengers in the van were a couple flying to London, who argued in the back seat of the van for most of the trip to the airport, and a driver who talked almost non-stop about his family.  A very strange trip.  I hope the couple in the back seat didn't keep arguing all the way across the Atlantic.  


Sunday, February 03, 2019

We Have Lift Off - Sunday Five

I was alive for the excitement of manned space flight in the 1960's and about 11 years old for the first moon landing back in 1969.  The second winter my family wintered in Florida we moved the east coast of Florida, across the Indian River from the Kennedy Space Center.  I had a front row seat for the end of the Apollo project, satellite launches, and the shuttle program.  Hence this week's Sunday Five - Space the Final Frontier. 

1: If you are old enough, do you remember where you were when Apollo 11 landed on the moon? 
2: Did you listen to or watch the first shuttle launch? 
3: Have you ever seen a live launch? 
4: Ever met an astronaut? 
5: If it were as comfortable as a ride to the mall in a Cadillac, would you take a day long orbital flight? 

My answers: 
1: If you are old enough, do you remember where you were when Apollo 11 landed on the moon?  Watching TV in the living room in the house in North Branch, Michigan, our first color TV, new that that year. 
2: Did you listen to or watch the first shuttle launch? I was standing on the banks of the Indian River in Titusville Florida, you can feel the air move. 
3: Have you ever seen a live launch?  The picture above was one of the first I saw in person, in about 1974. 
4: Ever met an astronaut? My parents told me that I met the first astronauts in the lodge at the Grand Canyon when I was 4.  I recently talked with Senator Bill Nelson in the American Airlines check in line at National Airport, he was the last Senator to ride the Shuttle. 
5: If it were as comfortable as a ride to the mall in a Cadillac, would you take a day long orbital flight? In a heartbeat! 

Your answers in the comments. 

Saturday, February 02, 2019

Reading Again

Everytime I post about how much reading I do, I get comments about how do you get so much reading done.  Here are the answers. 

  • I read fast, I always have.  I learned to read without learning to spell.  The effect, is my brain recognizes the pattern of letters, and does not spell them out, resulting in being able to read very fast. 
  • On a typical work day, I have a 45 minute commute in each direction, with a change of subway lines.  The net effect of that is 60 to 90 minutes of reading time five days a week.  I read about 50 pages an hour, hence a 200 page book, can be read in 3 to 4 days.  
  • I tend to read when I am flying.  I spent something like 100 hours in the air last year.  
  • I sometimes read on the treadmill at the gym, there are a couple more hours a week, another book a month if you will.  
I am almost exclusively an e-book reader.  My faithful Kindle is a basic black and white version, with very long battery life and a very simple design.  It is easier and faster to read on that a tablet or phone.  On phones the screen it to small.  On tablets (I have a couple of them, an I-Pad (that I love) and a Samsung Galaxy tablet, the color display bring more detail to distract me from reading, and the shorter battery life result in more time when I am unable to read.  

I occasionally read print books. Print works better for things that are illustrated or have lots of images such as cook books, some travel guides.  I also run into some books that are not available in e-edition.  I have been known to wait for the Kindle edition to be released.  I recently talked one published into sending me an electronic copy of the proofs of a soon to be released book, so I can do a review (and not have to wait six-months for that publisher to release a Kindle edition.)  

How much time are you able to read each week? 

Friday, February 01, 2019

Technology and Privacy

Nothing we do online is truly private.  I continue to be shocked at the number of people who find this surprising.  Platforms like Facebook, and Google, and Yahoo exist, because they use what they know about us, to direct paid advertising at us.  It is as simple as that.  Everytime I read a news story, a blog post, watch a Youtube video, or visit Facebook, the servers are looking at what I am looking at, and matching that to the billions of marketing options.  We use these services for free, and yet the services make billions of dollars.  

If you move your text messages to Facebook messenger, isn't it reasonable to expect messenger to scan your text messages for clues to target advertising?  When I do a google search, or go online shopping on Amazon, or a travel site, suddenly what I looked for or at, starts to show up as advertising on pages I visit that have advertising.  That is how this system works.  

I do wish they would get better.  For days after I book travel, I get advertising for travel to the place I have booked.  Amazon is forever sending me messages on things I have never and never will buy, like womens' shoes.  I can't figure out why their servers don't notice that in over a decade of using the site I have never looked for or or bought womens' shoes and not bother sending me notices of special sales. 

Every once in a while, I get a text message from my favorite government insider that will simply say, wouldn't it be fun to have lunch on Friday, usual place and time.  S/he knows someone is scanning messages in and out of the office.   

Thursday, January 31, 2019

Scarred and Enduring


Cactus have rather strong natural defenses, with sharp spines protecting them from damage.  And yet this cactus is scarred from the birds and insects that are able to get around the spines.  People are a lot like this, scarred from the attacks that get through our defenses, yet enduring.   

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

The Way We Were Wednesday - 1970's

This was taken in the mid 1970's.  The camera is either a Cannon Ftb, or a Konica T3.  I bought my first Cannon F-1 in 1976 when I was attending political rallies leading up to the election of Jimmy Carter.  The F-1 had an all black body. 
The pick-up truck was a red Ford, that my middle brother bought after a year recovering from a horrific car accident in Florida.  

Can you date photos based on the camera, cars, or what you were wearing? 

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Modern Cubes

Why don't we all live in houses that look like this?  I have never lived in a "modern home" but I have long loved the modern cube style.  This one on the side of Camelback Mountain in Phoenix looks like someone gutted it for a renovation and stopped work.  

Back in the middle 60's my parents looked at house on the side of Camelback Mountain, how my life would have been different if they had taken the plunge and bought it.  

Monday, January 28, 2019


This is a scan of a slide I took in the 1970's, a dried memory of dried flowers.  Looking at it reminds me of the farm.  It was farm land, but it was not really farmed.  It was trees and meadows, meadows being native plants.  I spent many hours walking the meadows, hedgerows and along the edge of the trees.  Fall was my favorite time to do this.  When the summer grasses and flowers had dried, preserved in time, like my memories of the same.  

Would you take a walk in the meadow? 

Sunday, January 27, 2019

Sunday Five - Airports

I spent a bit of time in airports last year.  Some are nice, some are not, sometimes airports are fun, often they are just a place to pass through on your way from where you are to where you want to be.  
Hence the Sunday five this week.

1: Do you check in before you get to the airport? 
2: Will I see you at baggage claim? 
3: Have you ever visited the airline premium lounge? 
4: Do you have Pre-Check for security? 
5: Do you like airports? 

My answers: 
1: Do you check in before you get to the airport? I almost always check in online. 
2: Will I see you at baggage claim? Yes, I almost always check a bag.  I get free checked bags on two airlines, I don't have to worry about my bag fitting, or my toothpaste tube being too large. 
3: Have you ever visited the airline premium lounge? A couple of times a year, I will pay the fee and relax in comfort, especially if I have a long wait. 
4: Do you have Pre-Check for security? Yes, I signed up for Global Entry / Nexus and get Pre-Check and expedited immigration and customs processing.   
5: Do you like airports?  I do.  I grew up around airport and airplanes, I feel comfortable in airports.  Some are nicer than others, just like dogs.  

Your answers in the comments. 

Saturday, January 26, 2019

Midway Kentucky

Midway, Kentucky, is midway between Lexington and Frankfort.  It is an old railroad town, a water stop in the steam fired days.  The tracks run down the middle of Main Street street in town.  The town has turned itself into a minor tourist stop, with shops and restaurants.  There is a small private liberal art college, now calling itself a University on the edge of town.  It is the kind of place where you could walk to most everything and everyone would know what everyone was doing.  

I did a house call in Midway for Hospice one day.  The client was born there, and and never been out of the county. Lexington, only 15 miles away was a frightening big city to her, she had never been there. She was glad that I was brave enough to live and work in Lexington (a city of about 250,000 people) and kind enough to see her at home.  

Are you cut out for small town life? 

Friday, January 25, 2019

Hop On and Hang On

Grab a seat on the outside of a San Francisco cable car and hang on as the cars go up and down the hills.  Just watch out for truck doors opening as you go by close.  My that was fun! 

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Growing Older

I want people to look at me and think, not "what a sweet old man," but, "what is he up to now?"  

No getting around it, I am getting older.  My hair is thinner and greyer. Some mornings my fingers are a little stiff.  I tire a little faster than I did 30 years ago.  That is okay, I have lived six-decades.  I am proud of having lived this long. I have outlived my parents, my aunt and uncle.  

I am not done, but I am not trying to turn back time.  

I am looking forward to a point in the future when I don't have to hold my tongue for work or political reasons.  I am looking forward to the day when I can stand up in the office and say, this shit is not worth the hassle anymore.  I am getting closer to that point, not quite. A few more years of living the dream. 

In the meantime, I will keep moving, keep working, keep having fun, keep getting older.  

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

The Way We Were Wednesday

If the first Oldsmobile wasn't big enough for you, I bought a second one, even larger.  It had belonged to a women I worked with, she was trading up to a Cadillac. I drove this about a year.  It was a massive boat. 

Tuesday, January 22, 2019


I have been a runner, twice in my life.  The first time was in my late teens early 20's, my weight had ballooned and I started running and not eating to get drop weight.  Then I stopped moving, got a real job, built a house, and gained a lot of weight.  In my late 20's I joined a gym, took control (over control) of my diet and lost about 75 pounds.  I ran, swam, and rode bikes.  I was supper fit for a decade.  Then I stopped.  I have reasons, or excuses why, but I stopped running.  I kept moving, until I went through a period back in 2014-2015 when moving was a real problem.  The worst was falling and not being able to get back up without great effort or help.  By the time the "issue" was resolved I was weakened from not moving.  At times I questioned if I would ever move as I wished again.  

Two years ago I committed to doing 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week on the treadmill.  I could do it.  It quickly became a habit, something I feel out of sorts if I miss a couple of days.  It is movement.  I regained strength and stamina.  Recently I upped it to 45 minutes most days, with long days a couple of times a week going for 60 minutes.  I read or watch TV, the time flies by.  I can feel myself getting stronger again, gaining endurance.  

I think about running, I miss it, the feeling of lightness, of gliding along the sidewalk.  There are a few memorable runs, London, Paris, Savannah, Washington DC, but most were in Winter Park Florida.  I would drive in early in the morning, run, and then go to the gym afterwards.  Very fond memories. 

Have you ever been a runner? 

Monday, January 21, 2019

Diversity on Martin Luther King Day

I was born in a place with really no diversity.  Despite my parents trying to be modern, the discussions of diversity from my childhood shock me today.  Living and working in a wonderfully diverse city for a decade has changed me, changed me for the better, but still not perfect. 

I am more interested in the content of the character, and the abilities of a person, than the color of their skin, or where they or their ancestors came from, or what religion they practice, or who they love, or what is in their pants.  

Racism is still alive in our Society, a Professor at Princeton was recently told in public comments at a national conference, that he was only hired because he was black.  With 50-100 qualified candidates for every college teaching job, and places like Princeton being very desirable, I rest assured he was very well qualified for the job or he wouldn't have been hired.  The unemployed Phd that insulted him, is likely to have a very hard time being hired anytime soon.  

Take a moment today to reflect on diversity, and what we can do to move forward with a focus on ability and content of character.  Only by allowing everyone to make the best of what they have to work with, can we truly move forward as a society.  None of us is truly free, until everyone is. 

Sunday, January 20, 2019

Sunday Five - What You Keep - What You To Part With It

The crystal is half a set, when my first spouse and I we split, we split the set.  I have hauled it around, seldom used it.  Looking back I don't know why I wanted it when we were splitting things up.  Want it? 

Hence this weeks Sunday Five:

1: Would you keep or part with the crystal you have almost never used in 36 years? 
2: Do you keep cameras you no longer use (that film is no longer made for)? 
3: Have you looked at things and asked, "does this make me happy?"  
4: Do you keep anything that makes you sad? 
5: Have you kept jewelry from past relationships? 

My Answers:
1: Would you keep or part with the crystal you have almost never used in 36 years? - It is for sale - want it? 
2: Do you keep cameras you no longer use (that film is no longer made for)? I have a few, some antiques and some sentimental.  I am giving one to my oldest brother.  
3: Have you looked at things and asked, "does this make me happy?"  Not really, I need to do more of this. 
4: Do you keep anything that makes you sad? Not intentionally. 
5: Have you kept jewelry from past relationships?  I ended up with the rings from my first marriage.  I held onto them and a lot of anger for about 20 years.  One day I decided enough, I sold them for scrap gold.  

Your answers in the comments. 

Saturday, January 19, 2019

Getting Things Organized

Two days after Christmas, the movers delivered the stuff from the house in Kentucky.  Not a lot of furniture, but more boxes than I can count.  We are nearly done unpacking.  J is very good at getting the ducks all in a row.  Thankfully, the blue penguins are not in our house, but they are nicely in a row.  

Friday, January 18, 2019

Across the River

We were over in National Harbor recently, NH is directly across the Potomac River from home.  It is home to several nice hotels, restaurants, shops and an MGM Casino.  Home is one of the buildings on top of the hill across the river. 

Thursday, January 17, 2019

It All Begins With One Part

I recently had an opportunity to wander around a Boeing 747.  The 747 is simply massive.  It is hard to imagine building something the size of that.  And yet, it all begins with one part being made.  I wonder what the first part in this one was? 

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

The Way Were Were Wednesday - Cousin Lysle

The top image is one of my all time favorites from the 1970's, it is my cousin Lysle at about 15 months of age.  The bottom image is Lysle in October 2017.  My how we have changed. 

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Snow Days

Yesterday was a snow day in DC. I remember snow days as a kid, they are not the same as an adult.  Work still needs to be done, and stacks up if it does not get done.  20+ years of living in the semi-tropics, snow is pretty for the first day, then I have had enough of this.  

Do you look forward to snow days? 

Monday, January 14, 2019

Focus on Ability

History tells us that FDR faced a lot of challenges in his adult life.  He had great difficulty standing or walking.  Yet he was a charismatic leader.  He largely hid his challenges, his staff and the press avoided pictures or talking about his leg braces and wheelchairs.  Even his aircraft was modified with a chair lift to the ground.  And few people knew, and those that did, didn't make anything of it.  They focused on what he could do.  The country focused on his abilities and not his disabilities.  Advocates wonder, if he had been more open about the challenges in his life, if it would have opened doors for other.  Hard to say.  I dare say he didn't talk about it, for fear of having doors closed in his face.  He focused on what he could do, and he did a lot for a long time.  

The FDR memorial in DC is quite interesting, very worth the visit.  Have you seen it? 

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Sunday Five Blogging

Once a year or so I do a blog post about blogging.  So here we go. 

1: How long have you been blogging or reading blogs? 
2: How many posts did you post last year? 
3: Do you have a formula for posts?
4: Do you create posts ahead of time or plan them out, or use regular themes? 
5: Why do we do this? 

My answers: 
1: How long have you been blogging or reading blogs? I started reading blogs in 2005, guest blogged for a friend that August, then put up my first post on September 3, 2005, 13.5 years ago. 
2: How many posts did you post last year? 374 
3: Do you have a formula for posts?  I always start with a photo. About 97% of the photos I have taken (the way we were Wednesdays has lowered this percentage.) The image gives me an idea or an inspiration, or sometimes I just think it is an interesting image.  
4: Do you create posts ahead of time or plan them out, or use regular themes? Most of mine are created ahead of time, and scheduled.  I have done Sunday five for a couple of years, and started The Way We Were Wednesdays this past year.  I have done 12 on 12 a few times. 
5: Why do we do this?  Blogging gives me a place to share photos, I have been taking pictures for 50 years and love sharing my favorites.  By limiting myself to one or two a day, hopefully I am not boring anyone.  Blogging gives me a place to vent and share my views.  Blogging everyday, has brought discipline to my writing.  Despite the typos, my writing has improved, despite the strange sentence constructions, my writing is better than it was.  To be a better writer, read, write, edit and repeat endlessly.  

Your answers in the comments: 

Saturday, January 12, 2019


Look at the finger, what do the details tell us.  The middle fingers have marks in them from molding the wax, the end of the index finger has grown smooth from contact.  The wax marks have been worn away by being touched hundreds of thousands of times.  I took an art class in college were we carved wax, and cast silver. 

Friday, January 11, 2019

An Extra Six Inches

The Condo buildings have outdoor parking and garage parking.  The garage spaces sell separately from the apartments (I don't own one, I have not been able to find one for sale.) The following advertisement just appeared on the association's online bulletin board.
               I'm looking to swap out my parking space for                           another in same bldg 4.  My space is approx 6 in'                   smaller than most and yet I have a wider vehicle.                     Willing to negotiate a fee for swap.
Which leads to the question, how much would you pay for an extra 6-inches?

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Plug Him In?

We are coming right along with sorting out and putting things away, consolidating two houses into one, has proved a bigger task than we expected. Two weeks after the movers delivered and there are still unopened boxes.  

We found his cord, now where do I plug him in? 

Wednesday, January 09, 2019

Way We Were Wednesday - Cars in Time

My first car, I bought this 1973 Oldsmobile Delta 88 Royal used in the fall of 1977, for about $1,800 from a Chrysler dealer in downtown Orlando.  It was big, and comfy, and probably had the odometer rolled back.  I drove it for a couple of years.  

What was your first?