Friday, August 23, 2019

Funny Shirts!

I enjoy funny T-shirts.  A few that I wear:

  • Bears Like People, they taste just like chicken
  • I'd agree with you, but then we'd both be wrong
  • 44>45
  • To Avoid A Bear Attack, always be able to outrun at least one other person in your group. 
  • Stupidity Kills, but not often enough
One I wish I had:
  • Vegetarian: Old Eskimo word for bad hunter 
I didn't buy the one above, or below, but I thought about it.

What does your favorite T-Shirt say? 

Thursday, August 22, 2019

Coastal Defenses

I remember the first time I saw remains of World War II coastal defenses, in Normandy.  A big part of why I had gone there (that and Mt St Michelle.) I was surprised to see them on the Pacific Coast of the United States.  I imagine there were fortifications or gun emplacements along the Atlantic coast of the US, but I have never seen them.  This was along the strait that separates the US and British Columbia,  on a little sand hill across from the beach.  Rusting away into a distant memory.  Further west we saw a massive concrete bunker, made to last, I will post more pictures of that one day.  

Notice the odd little dark spot just above the dune line near the right hand side of the image?  I picked up a bit of fluff on the image sensor censor in my camera.  It took me a while to track it down, and figure out how to lock the mirror up so I could carefully clean the sensor.  A first for everything.  

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

The Way We Were Wednesday

This is a modern picture, taken at Payne Field last month, but this is the era of airplane I grew up around.  My father owned a couple of planes in the mid 60's, but for the most part he rented.  There is an old saying, if it floats, flies or fornicates it is better to rent than own.  

When I was growing up the local airport operator, was also dealer for three of four airplane manufacturers.  The rental fleet was often nearly new.  There was a simple formula for figuring out the hourly rent, if the plane sold for $25,000, they would rent it for $25 an hour.  That included fuel, and they are not very fuel efficient.  

I remember one day, a new really nice plane had been added to the fleet.  It was sleek and fast, and dad looked forward to flying it.  For the insurance to cover it, he had to go out with a flight instructor for an hour to confirm that he knew how to fly it.  It had retractable landing gear.  On the insurance companies check list, was demonstrating how to put the landing gear down if the power system failed.  I was in the back seat, watching the clouds float by as my father and the flight instructor tried to do this.  Neither one of them could figure out how to do it, they couldn't find the crank for the manual system.  The flight instructor had me dig out the owners manual, so he could look up how to do it.  I found it funny, maybe why almost nothing in flying bothers me.  

Was it funny that the flight instructor didn't know how to do what he was teaching someone else to do? 

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Other Wordly

I was able to check something off my bucket list on the trip to Washington State, seeing an active volcano.  I don't know why, but volcanos fascinate me.  Above Mt St Helens is venting steam at the lower lip of the crater.  

At the viewing center, there was a man with a spotting scope on a tripod.  He invited passersby to take a look.  Through the scope was a herd of antelope on a ridge, one of the sandy looking ridges near the bottom of this second image.  You can clearly see them in the top image, two groupings on two ridges.  He said they were about 4 miles away.  I had left my longer lens in the car, but even with that they would have been impossible to see.  The top image was taken with my cell phone, shot through the spotting scope.  Another person showed me how to do it.  


Monday, August 19, 2019


I was raised in Michigan, where you couldn't put a shovel in the ground without hitting a rock or ten.  Mostly conglomerates of granite, limestone, slate and quartz left by glaciers after the last ice-age.  From there I moved to Florida, where there are no rocks, a few limestone formations but they are in odd out of the way places, most of the state is a gigantic sandbar waiting to be washed back into the sea.  

Last month we visited the Washington Coast, I am always taken by rocks and ocean.  The rocks washed and ground flat and smooth by econs of ocean action.  Yes, I brought home a small bag of rocks.  

What are the rocks like where you live?      

Sunday, August 18, 2019

Sunday Random Five

No Theme This Week, five random questions I might ask if we sat down to talk:

1: What is the largest number of time zones you have spanned in one trip? 
2: Do you care who the Kardashians are or what they are doing? 
3: What is your earliest travel memory? 
4: What does the image above bring to mind? 
5: Been anyplace interesting this year? 

My Answers: 
1: What is the largest number of time zones you have spanned in one trip? Six, I have done it going east and west, one year east and west in the same year. 
2: Do you care who the Kardashians are or what they are doing? Nope, can't understand why anyone does care to keep up. 
3: What is your earliest travel memory? Peering over the edge of the Grand Canyon when I was 5. 
4: What does the image above bring to mind? Snakes.  
5: Been anyplace interesting this year? Ft. Worth, Washington State a few more. 

Please share your answers in the comments, 

Saturday, August 17, 2019

How I Feel When Reading Facebook

I am about to give up on FB, but the psychological manipulation keeps me coming back.  

Another old friend posted a comment recently, I easily dismantled her ill-logic in a reply, she simply deleted the comment. I hate doing that to an old friend, but there is only so much willful ignorance that I can tolerate.  Her issue is not a lack of ability, but a lack of bothering to look at facts, to think outside of the narrow views that people tell her.  She can do better, she generally chooses not to do better as doing so would undermine a belief system she finds security in.  

Should I fight back against willful ignorance or give up?