Wednesday, November 01, 2023

My World of Wonders, aka The Wednesday Ws, November 1st Edition 65

Where have I been? Chicago, Ft. Wayne Indiana, Elkhart, Indiana, O"Hare, and back to the office.  

Who have I seen?  Ben, Odette, Jennifer, Jay, work friends, my sister Karen, my nephew Michael and his wife Emily, friends and occasional bloggers Kelly and Bob (they visited us last month.) 

Where have I walked?  Michigan Avenue in Chicago, from the River north the Water Tower and back.  An amazing city.  

What Museums have I been to?  The Chicago Architecture Museum, small, interesting, probably not worth the price of admission.  A great book shop. The Auburn, Cord, Duesenberg Museum in Auburn Indiana, a great collection of cars.  

Where  to Next?  I am home for a couple of months, then New York. 

Who deserves a slap this week? The drivers in the greater Chicago area, so aggressive. 2 out of 5 slaps. 

Who deserves an atta-boy this week? The donors on Giving Day, a new record one day total for the Commission on Law and Aging.  THANKS! 

What have I been eating?  Whatever comes my way, road food.

What have I been cooking?  I haven't, and I miss it. 

What am I reading?  Next up, is Britney Spears new biography.  If you think I read a lot, my sister reads almost three times as many books.  

Weirdest thing I have seen in the past week. The condo runs a shuttle bus to the nearest subway station.  A woman got on, weaved her way to her seat, sat down, and spilled her beer. Yupp, she was drunk and had an open can of beer in her hand. Oh, and she was on the wrong bus. 

What is the news of the week?  I am going to be a great-uncle, one of my nephews is going to have a son in the spring if all goes well.  


  1. You have been eating road food? You mean like roadkill? In England you'll find badgers, rabbits, foxes, an occasional deer but rarely do we spot hedgehogs any more. I guess roadkill varies between states in America. In Minnesota I saw quite a number of dead skunks. Yummy!

  2. Thanks for slapping those Chicago drivers! So, so aggressive on the highways and all the construction makes it even more nerve-wracking to drive.

    1. I rented a car at O'Hare and drove across Indiana and back.

  3. Congrats Great Uncle.

    I'm kinda smiling at the lady with the beer and the wrong bus.

  4. I spent two and a half years in Chicago on a work contract. I fell in love with that city. I have some fond memories of that time.

    1. If not for the winters, I would love to live there.