Saturday, July 18, 2015

Well that was unexpected

In nearly 7 years in the DC area I have seen a lot of things, but coming across a roach on the floor of the men's room was unexpected.  They say roaches have been here longer then humans, and will likely be here long after we have gone extinct.  The "scientists" that rant about the impact of humans on the earth and sound so concerned about the long term existence of the earth and the environment, generally bug me.  The earth will survive, the environment is remarkably resilient.  Look at Chernobyl, 30 years after people and nature is slowly taking back the place that mankind has most severely messed up.  Roaches have succeed at outlasting civilizations despite our efforts to have them all leg side up on the floor.  Mankind may go extinct, when we do, the earth will heal, the environment will find balance, and the roaches will live on. Well this roach won't, I made sure he was truly dead before I left the room, it takes a lot to stop the antennae from moving.


  1. It's nearly impossible to kill a roach. I'll bet he revived and recovered after you left.

    1. Only if her put the parts back together and started breathing with a scuba tank.

  2. HAHAHAHAHA! Our building is so porous that we get MICE wandering in, too. Less gross than roaches, but miserable buggers none the less.

    Peace <3