Friday, July 17, 2015


I have kept a log of hotels that I stay in for over a decade.  Frankly, they all run together after a while, few of them stand out.  This is the atrium of the Marriott in Covington, Kentucky. The hotel is on the river, overlooking downtown Cincinnati. Beyond that, it is just another nice Marriott.  It is rare for a hotel to stand out. Occasionally the view is spectacular, a great view of a great city, an airport, or a nice water view.  In January I had a nice suite in southern California for a couple of nights.  Not a spectacular view, but  nice living room and separate bedroom. Rarely does the decor stand out, when it does sometimes it is because it is hideous - I remember one near Stanford that was overdone in a frilly colonial.


  1. worst place - some dumpy motel in watkins glen NY in 1982 (on honeymoon with now-ex-spouse)

    best place - doral hotel in miami FL (job interview, paid for by the interview company)

  2. I agree. There are few differences between motels/hotels any more. I want a firm bed and pillows, an AC that will cool the room appropriately (67F is fine for sleeping), and blackout drapes (I hate the parking lot lights seeping thru, it should be dark to sleep). And the hideous does stand out, like the place in Columbia, TX with a bare light bulb that blew when I turned it on in the bathroom, coupled with green shag rugs, dark paneling and fluorescent cove light. The trains that came by every few minutes (quite literally) would almost bounce you out of the bed. There were some decent ones on my vacation 2 weeks ago, I am now sticking with Best Western pretty much all the time, they seem to be pretty much the same, and thus predictable.

    Peace <3

  3. That's an intriguing atrium.
    One of the nicest I stayed in was the Beverly Hills Hotel - but that's because I was having a hot affair (we didn't leave the room for four days).

    Worst motel - - Amarillo, TX - where the guy next door went bonkers and threatened to kill everyone.