Saturday, July 11, 2015

From John at 

Well I Never

25  fascinating facts about me
  1. I have been to 48  US states, and 11 countries 
  2. I am well into my second career
  3. In 1989 I took part in the US National Sprint Triathlon Championship 
  4. I kissed a girl in the first grade 
  5. I have earned two college degrees with honors (BA and JD)
  6. I failed the first grade 
  7. I married a woman once - it didn't work well for either of us 
  8. I have been to the Disney Parks in Florida over 100 times 
  9. I toured EPCOT when it was under construction and was a guest at a pre-opening party
  10. I once had tea with the Archbishop of Canterbury 
  11. I tried to learn how to fly as a teenager - never mastered the landings
  12. I have touched the Liberty Bell 
  13. I photographed Ronald Reagan 
  14. I have been a licensed Real Estate Broker since 1980
  15. I sold three houses on New Year's Eve in 1988
  16. I am mildly dyslectic 
  17. I learned to read without learning how to spell (16 and 17 are related.) 
  18. I recently had a huge Schwannoma removed from my spine 
  19. I have owned 15 cars (I only regret parting with one of them.) 
  20. I am moved to tears by the recording of the first manned landing on the moon, I remember where I was when it happened 
  21. I was just across the river from the Space Center for the first Space Shuttle launch 
  22. I am ill prepared for retirement 
  23. I regret most,the opportunities I passed on, not the risks I have taken 
  24. I am going to ride a Zeppelin later this year 
  25. I have touched a moon rock 


  1. #10 - do tell!

    #13 - your camera broke right after, correct?

    #12 - back in the day (1960s), EVERYONE could touch the bell; today you can't get near it.

    #6 - how the hell does one even DO that?

    1. #10 At a conference at Oxford in church history in 2001
      #6 - see #16 and 17
      #12 - the first time I was there in 1998, I asked if I could and she said yes as long as i was gentle

  2. Lol you beat me! Hands down

  3. Now that's a life well lived!

    Peace <3

  4. Actually touching a moon rock is really unique - - and having tea with the Archbishop of Canterbury!! Interesting facts!

  5. what sort of tea I want to know....