Monday, July 06, 2015

Back to the World of the Living

We met friends for lunch Sunday afternoon in Old Town Alexandria.  It was nice to be out among the crowd.  Monday morning I am headed back to the office for the first time in two months.  I am looking forward to getting my bearings, figuring out my calendar and sorting through email.  Two graduate student interns that I recruited started in May, I get to see them at work, one of them I interviewed over the phone and have never met (I understand she likes to talk more than I do.) Then I will start looking at my projects and figuring out what has happened to them over the past two months and what needs to be done next.  I have a conference call to reschedule - a key person is on vacation and he didn't want to reschedule it before he left (sent me a text message asking me to.)  I need to verify that HR and the extended medical leave insurance company know that I an still alive and coming back to work.

For a couple of weeks I expect that my health will be the center of a lot of conversations, I am looking forward to that not being so. I am slowly returning to the world of the living.

What have I learned:
1) You never know when you won't be back tomorrow.
2) Don't assume that you know what is happening in your body
3) Most of the people in healthcare are there for you
4) Healing sometimes hurts
5) To move forward, sometimes you have to push
6) Some things take time


  1. PAY ATTENTION to #6 today; you ain't gonna set the world on fire with your speed. if something has to wait til tomorrow, so be it. or delegate it.

    you should also have learned who your support base is/isn't. serious illness shows the dividing line quite clearly. distance yourself from those that did NOT have your back (pardon the pun).

    now move forward into the light and toward your upcoming wedding! :-)

  2. Very good advice.
    It's great to see the smile!

  3. I second what Anne Marie said....take it slow until you're sure of your footing literally & figuratively.
    It can be a bit disorienting back at work after an extended medical absence although you're so disciplined and focused it may not be as much so for you as it was for me at one time.
    Huge belated congratulations on your engagement. For anyone who desires marriage it's way beyond time for too many and I'm so very happy for you.

  4. wise words all
    it is good to see you healed.