Thursday, July 02, 2015

TBT - The Castro

This was taken sometime in the past 15 years, before digital - so between 10 and 15 years ago, on Castro Street in San Francisco.  For a gay man, going the Castro is a bit of a pilgrimage. There are interesting shops, restaurants, and bars. I am not much for bars and I have never gone to the Castro at night.  From Union Square you can hop a street car out Market Street to the end of the line less then a block from Castro Street.  A great way to visit.


  1. I can hear the cable car's "clang clang clang"!

    I have visited SFO only once and never got to the castro; I don't think I could have dragged my ex-husband there.

  2. Ive only been once and that was on holiday with a previous partner who was a real c*nt
    We didnt have fun there

    1. Sometimes it is the city, sometimes it is the company. I have gone back to a few I visited with my X, I love Paris, I still don't understand the attraction of Amsterdam.

  3. I wonder if it still has any of its glory anymore?