Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Oh My!

Jay is home in the other house for a few days to sort out some paperwork and pick up a few things.  In May he left there in a bit of a hurry when I called to tell him I was headed to the hospital.  Among other things he left his passport behind, we are kind of going to need that later this year.  So he arrived on Sunday afternoon, Sunday evening he noticed mildew in the laundry room then that the floor was squishy. 

That led to discovering that the water heater was leaking. There goes a $1,000. 

And drying things out led to this. And removal of the wood laminate floor in the kitchen and laundry room.  The damage is covered by insurance.  But, what a mess - he is doing much better today.  He is becoming the champion of coping.  

You can see through into the laundry room on the left and the kitchen directly ahead. 
This may delay his delay his return to DC by a few days.  I am so sorry he has to work through this alone, wish I was there.  But he is so good at coping.  


  1. shit. :(

    there is no good time for something like this. you two REALLY need a vacation!

  2. Anonymous7/22/2015

    Thanks for the reminder of my vow to replace my water heater after 10 years whether it needs it or not. I've had two messes to clean up - fortunately I was home at the time - and that's one too many.