Wednesday, July 29, 2015


I like to be in control, I prefer to drive, to navigate, to call the shots. A lot of us are like this.  It makes travel a challenge because there are a lot of things in travel that we have no control over.  I can remember pitching a hissy-fit at an airline employee more then once, that there were planes out there, find one that works and get us in the air (it works that way when you are flying privately) or that the weather was not that bad - I have flown in worse.  It didn't do any good, and only ruined the day of someone else.

Finally I made peace, I control what I can.  I can control checking in early, being at the airport early, checking my bag before the cut off time, clearing security early, and being at the gate.  Beyond that, I have no control.  They won't let me schedule the flights, pick the planes, schedule the crew, fly the plane, load or unload the luggage.  Once I have done my part, I turn the controls over to others, and sit back and roll with what ever happens.

I was in Charlotte one morning, the morning that the plane I was on backed into another plane, twice.  Then the re-book flight cancelled.  I had been traveling over 24 hours at that point.  I stood in line with 50 other people waiting for two agents to re-route us.  Ten people in front of ripped the agents a new one, I walked up and said, do the best you can, you and I don't control what has happened, I know if you could change it you would, but we can't, what can you do to get me home today?   Both of us smiled, and I was on the next flight to the airport nearest to home that they could get me to that morning with a van ride booked from there to home.


  1. Regardless of how angry and upset you feel, being nice usually gets results. Being loud and abusive doesn't usually help the situation.
    Plato said something like "always be kind, for everyone is fighting their own hard battle."

  2. I had a similar situation on a Denver to St Louis to Indianapolis flight. Delayed in Denver, missed connection in St Louis along with about 300 other travelers, and just smiled when I got to the desk. She smiled back, and I was on my way 45 minutes later. "One of about 3 who will get there tonight" she said. Nothing like a little calmness and a smile. The whole story would be a blog post 4x the length of this one!

    Peace <3

  3. Being in control is a very overrated endeavor
    Ironically many or my patients with 'control issues' are paradoxically not in control of much. It's like heaven is trying to teach them a lesson to let loose and get the drift on control.