Sunday, July 26, 2015

Hearty English Food

Scotch Egg Rolls

Until John Gray at Going Gently, Scotch Eggs had never entered my consciousness.  I think I had one in the fake English Pub at EPCOT once, but it was likely as fake as Ye Olde English Pub.  A little research shows that this delicacy has been around for nearly 200 years.  A hard boiled egg, wrapped in sausage, breaded and cooked.  Someone posted a traditional recipe a few weeks ago and I tried that.  A few days ago I came across a recipe for the egg roll and decided to give it a try.  

7 eggs - hard boil 6 of them
1 pound bulk Italian sausage (I used hot) 
4 -6 ounces extra sharp cheddar cheese - shredded 
1 package frozen puff pastry. 

Start by hard boiling 6 eggs, I prefer mine done, so 8-10 minutes at a nice boil, cover and let cool. Peel the hard boiled eggs. Thaw the puff pastry per the package directions. Beat the 7th egg in a bowl and have a basting or pastry brush handy. The pastry package I was working with had two sheets.  I worked with them one at a time.  Unfold the puff pastry on parchment or waxed paper. Flatten a thin layer of the sausage on about 2/3rd of the sheet of puff pastry.  Place the eggs in the middle, sprinkle with about half of the shredded cheese, roll up - the paper layer will keep the pastry from sticking to the board and make this easier. Seal the edge with beaten egg.  Transfer to a non-stick baking sheet.  Repeat with remaining ingredients.  Brush the top with beaten egg.  Bake at 400 degrees F, for 30-35 minutes.  Cool and slice.  Can be served cold making it a great make ahead dish.   

My office's summer gathering is Sunday night, I will post in the comments what people thought of this dish.    


  1. I'll pass; I don't eat sausage. but I am curious as to what squire burton-gray will think of your creation!

  2. Make it with a hot water pastry crust, and you have gala pie. Not as many crumbs as with puff pastry, but probably too substantial for finger food or a polite conversational buffet, more one for a heavy-duty lunchbox

  3. They look scrumptious!

  4. John has mentioned Scotch Eggs numerous times and I had no idea what they were. Thank you for explaining this.

  5. Mixed reaction at the party, about half of one was consumed. I think the Eggs put people off. One person commented that the sausage was a little hot - it was a little hot.