Friday, July 24, 2015

Familiar Things

I live a cluttered life filled with familiar things.  For me a jumble of objects is fine, for Jay it has to be organized, he calls it tablescaping.  Some of the items remind me of adventures, people and places, other's help me stay organized.  They are a glimpse into my life.

So what is in the picture above?  I have to start with the base, the table.  It has that wonderful book-matched veneer on the top.  I bought it in a junk shop 25 years ago, it was painted brown and I figured I would strip it down and repaint it - the distressed look was "in."  When the paint came off and the beautiful wood came into view, I couldn't paint it.  Sometimes people are like that, you have to get below the layers to see the real beauty.  The little gold book, it a collection of tiny printed photographs of a trip to Greece.  The white object is a remote control dimmer for all of the lights in the living room in the house in Lexington (refereed to as the other house.)  The stoneware box, holds postage stamps, it is on my desk in the condo now, the base of a lamp I bought in about 1982, in a furniture store at the corner of SR 50 and SR 436 in Orlando - a store long out of business.  The end of a desk phone and the corner of a book - back before Kindle when books had to be printed on paper.  All familiar, comfortable, known.  We need comfort in life balanced with adventure.


  1. I LOVE the table; look at the wood patterns; glad you did not paint it!

  2. Very nice post!

    Peace <3