Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls, I have been there twice, the first time was 15 minutes on the US side only, the second time we stayed on the Canadian side overnight.  I remember two things on the hotel, the doorman mistook my wombat for a beaver (a stuffed wombat who was traveling with us that summer) and the hotel had "free wired internet access" but the free didn't include the cable.  They wanted to charge $15 to "rent" a cable overnight.  Silly.

Travel Penguin was rather taken by all of the wonderful water, fortunately he didn't dive in.  I have fished him out of the Mediterranean, and a gator infested swamps in Florida, but I don't think I could get him out of this, he'd wash up in Niagara by the Lake, sipping Ice Wine no doubt.


  1. N-I-A-G-A-R-A FALLS! slowly I turn...step by step...inch by inch...

    1. I was thinking that when I wrote this, but I didn't think anyone would get the reference - you are amazing. The card arrived, THANKS!

    2. Dang...*I* was going to say that!!! lol!



    3. bwhahahahaha! too smart for ya!

  2. I was worried that the little guy would fall over