Wednesday, October 10, 2018

The Way We Were Wednesday

The winter of 1965 in Arizona is one of my earliest memories.  We had spent a couple of weeks in Arizona in the winter of 1964.  I have deep memories of the feel, colors and smell of that sweater, it was wool, smell is a strong memory trigger for me.  I love going back to the desert. Happy memories of a charmed time in my childhood. 

This most recent trip was really my first summer time (if late summer) visit to Phoenix.  It was over 100 degrees, it is a dry heat, but still hot.  I can understand how the heat wears, kind of a like a long cold winter - seeking refuge from the weather.  It was kind of nice for a couple of days. 

When we were there in 65, the family would drive out to South Mountain, for the views and the landscape.  I have been back 3 or 4 times as an adult.  It is so fun.  Sorry Dr. Spo, the drive left me 10 minutes late for brunch, mother would be so disappointed in me for being late. 

Have you retraced steps from your childhood?


  1. Great photos! Wish you had a cardigan like that for the recent photo!

  2. last time in 88; went back to the old philly neighborhood. it was unsafe then, even moreso now. drug gangs rule the streets. glad my grandparents never saw it go downhill.

  3. What a marvelous set of photos! Good for you !