Sunday, October 14, 2018

Sunday Five - Travel Have You?

A young man sat next to me on a flight from Charlotte to Phoenix a couple of weeks ago.  He described himself as a factory fresh soldier. He was born and raised in Ft Myers Florida, finished high school in June, and Army basic training in September, he is just 18.  This was not his first airline flight, but close.  He had never been across the country, he had never seen mountains or the desert.   Triggering this week's Sunday five, have you? 

1: Have you crossed a continent in a day? 
2: Have you flown over an ocean?
3: Have you seen the sun shining at midnight?
4: Have you been to the desert?
5: Have you climbed a mountain?

My Answers:
1: Yes, I have flown round trip across north America four times in the past 12 months.
2: I have crossed the Atlantic several times 
3: The first time I went to Alaska was near the summer equinox, it is an amazing sight with the sun shining at midnight.  The person who was working that project with me didn't expect it and it really freaked her out.  
4: Yes, the desert is my emotional home. 
5: Yes, in stronger days a couple of smaller ones in appalachia. 

Your answers in the comments: 


  1. 1. Yes. 2. Yes. 3. Well I wouldn’t say shining, but I have been to Northern Norway in summer to see the sun In an overcast midnight sky. E. Yes. And lived in the desert for a couple of ears. 5. Hiked but not exactly climbed.

    1. Hiking counts! You made it to the top.

  2. 1: YES
    2: YES
    3: NO
    4: on a horse with no name (see what I did there?) otherwise NO
    5: NO

    1. I was hoping someone would get the musical reference

  3. 1: Yes.
    2: I have.
    3: Not yet.
    4: Many many times.
    5: A small hill, maybe, but now I can't get the Sound of Music out of my head.

  4. 1: Have you crossed a continent in a day? yes
    2: Have you flown over an ocean?yes
    3: Have you seen the sun shining at midnight?no
    4: Have you been to the desert?no
    5: Have you climbed a mountain?yes

  5. 1: yes
    2: yes
    3: close enough in an Alaskan summer.
    4: Live in such
    5: And I've forded streams.

  6. 1. I've crossed the continent in a day numerous times.
    2. I've flown over the Pacific.
    3. I've only seen the sun at midnight in my dreams.
    4. I've seen the desert more times than I care to remember.
    5. I have hiked in the mountains. Does that count?

  7. 1. Several times, when plane seats weren't so constrictive. Okay when I was thinner.

    2. Yep
    3. No. We took that Alaskan Cruise at the wrong time.
    4. I've been. It didn't take.
    5. No, but I've made some out of molehills. A grassy knoll counts as a mountain when you're woefully out of shape, right?