Saturday, October 20, 2018


I love to cook.  I read cook books as a hobby.  I am not a recipe follower, I look for concepts and techniques.  A description in a cook book is a starting point, not a chemistry formula.  I don’t shop with a shopping list, I shop looking for what is good, what is fresh, what is different. Ingredients inspire me.

Recently I stumbled across Portuguese sausage in my local supermarket.  Hmm, what do I do with that? How about a Portuguese seafood stew? A picked up shrimp, and scallops.
I started a saffron rice, bring two cups of chicken stock to a boil, add salt, butter, saffron and one cup of rice, lower temp to low, cover and cook for 20 minutes. At the same time, I started like most savory dishes do, by chopping a medium onion and 6 or 8 mushrooms.  I sautéed those in olive oil, added 8 oz of sliced sausage, half a dozen shelled shrimp, and half a dozen large scallops (cut in half, they were larger than I expected.) I added one chopped tomato (a small can of crushed tomatoes would have worked, I had late season fresh tomatoes on hand.) I added a little white whine and simmered to reduce the liquids (mushrooms and scallops give off a lot of liquid.) I tasted it, and it was a bit bland, so I added salt and hot sauce - hit it out of the park.  Serve over the rice, oh my it is so good.

What have you stumbled across in the grocery store recently?


  1. Lindt mini chocolate bars! Pre-cooked!!!

  2. mitchell is incorrigible!

    do cinnamon frozen waffles count?

    my take - knitting patterns are merely suggestions. I add my own touches to personalize an item.

  3. Sweet potato multigrain tortilla chips, also pre-cooked. So yummy! Now, about that "little white whine", was it a ooh this is going to be so good whine, or why did I start with this whine?
    I'm not being snotty, that just tickled me.

  4. A great line a great line
    Recently I stumbled across Portuguese sausage in my local supermarket

  5. When in Ohio I stumbled across a few marvelous matters < a mangosteen, Danish Blue cheese, and some Reed's candy. I also stumbled onto a handsome hombre but he was not for sale.