Thursday, October 25, 2018

Been There, Done That, Worn out the T-Shirt

I was tempted by this one, I tend to bring t-shirts back from my adventures.  Reminders of places I have been, things I have done.  The problem is I don't wear them out.  I have some that are over a decade old, and still serviceable. And for the most part I do play well with others.  

I have reached the point that it I want to bring one in, I have to part with one, and I am loath to part with any.  At one time I had a collection of nearly 100 t-shirts from running events and triathlons.  Gaining a person in weight, meant that most of those went, I think only one remains, the year I did the National Championship Triathlon in Boca Raton.  It does not fit, but it is not going.  

What do you bring home from your travels?  


  1. I always seem to bring home something from my travels, a small memento, a hadni-craft, or another houseboy. If a travel in driving, usually a local wine or cheese.

  2. It used to be a Christmas ornament from every trip. Now I try to come home with no extras. At least we’ve stopped buying Christmas ornaments. Well, mostly...

  3. shot glasses, wine, t-shirts.