Friday, October 12, 2018

Folsom California

I was invited to do a workshop in California.  The invitation was from Sacramento, I had been there once 17 years ago (I flew there on TWA.) When the agenda arrived the actual site was Folsom, yes where the state prison is that Johnny Cash made famous.  With the marvels of google maps I looked over the neighborhood.  I was pleased to find that Folsom is an old gold rush era town, about 25 miles northeast of Sacramento.  One of the places highlighted on the map to eat and drink at was the Fat Rabbit Pub.  The theme is very English Pub, the menu is very California eclectic.  I had a Scotch Egg and California Poutine.   It was early afternoon, I had a diet coke -despite the massive beer selection.  

Very much worth the stop.  
I recall Johnny Cash being asked about doing concerts in prisons.  He was a believer in redemption, second chances and the inherent goodness found in every soul.  In the post Reagan era of punish, punish, punish, we need to remember  that deep inside what every person wants is safety, security, comfort and happiness.  There are a few deeply evil people who hurt others for the joy of it, but most hurt others trying to find safety, security, comfort or happiness.  


  1. buzzed bunnies and fat rabbits - sounds like an alternative universe.

  2. I used to live very close to Folsom, and even worked at an art gallery there for a time. Great little town, though it has expanded greatly these last decades.

  3. what is California poutine ???

    1. Fried Potatoes, brown gravy, and cubed mozzarella - good but kind of heavy - I didn't finish it all.

  4. Maybe I should try a Scotch egg. They just look so unappealing to me. And “poutine” always sounds like a part of the anatomy I would have no interest in!

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