Monday, October 01, 2018


Performing Whales are our idea of an aquarium today, but 100 years ago, much more modest displays filled with the wonders of the deep were state of the art.  The Aquarium at Belle Isle in Detroit has been restored and reopened.  It is really quite amazing.  

The building, with mostly original tile work is a masterpiece.  The displays are nice sized and there are a lot of them.  All of that green tile ceiling, how did they do that? 


  1. I don't mind the Baltimore Aquarium, or those of the smaller variety....but I don't agree with whales in aquariums. They are not meant to be penned, but should be free in their natural habitat.

  2. release the whales and dolphins!

  3. Oh that ceiling. Worth a visit just for that!

  4. This made me want to visit the Monterey Bay Aquarium again. It is about two hours away and it would be a nice overnight trip. We took my mother-in-law there in June of '95 when she came up to see my oldest son's graduation. Two months later she joined in our twentieth anniversary. Come October of that year she was dead. I miss her. She enjoyed life so much and I'm glad we have that memory.
    I love aquariums, and that tile is awesome!