Monday, October 29, 2018

Has the world gone nuts, or is it me

This is not in real time, the events described happened a couple of weeks go, time protects the innocent and allows the guilty to hide or cover up. 

We had an offer on the other house. First a verbal offer, then in writing, with errors.  It took a day to sort out the details and we basically agreed with a couple of technical corrections.  The buyer took a day to respond and said no.  Walked away.  Two days later we get a verbal offer for $3,000 less than her first offer, we declined. The next day we get another written offer from the same buyer, for $5,000 more than what we had agreed to two days earlier and she had turned us down ($7,000 more than her verbal offer of the day before.) We are under contract. 

Is this nuts, or is it me? 


  1. Huh, was she perhaps taking a tipple during the day?????????? Makes no sense.

  2. it's nutso. some people like to play games. stupid games.

  3. Oh, I hope this goes through AND she doesn’t drive you both nuts!

  4. She probably watched too many of those house flipping shows, but got screwed up on how that's supposed to work. Might think she made $5,000 on the deal.