Saturday, July 01, 2017

Looking up

For the most part, my sense of balance came back after my 2015 medical adventures.  I haven't fallen since, I can once again walk down a flight of stairs without a handrail.  One thing that will throw my balance off, is looking straight up.  I start to wobble and fear that unlike a Weeble, I will fall down.  So, I don't do that.  From time to time, I miss things that are directly overhead.  

When I was shopping for a new camera, I went into an old fashioned camera store in Chicago (Central Camera down in the Loop.)  The shop sells mostly old film camera and equipment, but is also a Nikon dealer.  I asked what the major differences were between two models that I had kind of narrowed it down to.  The guy said, really two things, the more expensive one will accept a remote microphone if you are recording video, and the more expensive one has a rotatable screen on the back.  I didn't think to much of it, as I was really thinking I would mostly view through the lens.  In the end his price on the nicer one was a high - and I waited.  A week or so later I found a sale on Amazon and snapped up the nicer one. 

Long story to get to taking pictures looking straight up. The rotatable screen, allows me to turn the lens strait-up, and view the image on the screen at eye-level and not need to tilt my head back to look up. I can now view and take pictures of things directly above my head without fear of toppling over.  It will also look around corners.  I will keep working on that option.  

Can you look directly up without wobbling? 


  1. up - yes; down - no. in the down mode, my vertigo takes hold and I feel unsteady. are those drones hanging there?

  2. The new camera is a great solution. I can look directly up without wobbling, but it's a good idea to stop the forward movement at the same time.

  3. I am famed for my Wobbly Tree pose in my yoga class. Indeed I suspect our teacher introduces it for the sheer joy of watching my effort.

  4. I wobble if I look down rather

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