Monday, July 10, 2017


Relics have a connection to the past.  In religion, relics have a connection to a spiritual leader. Saints were frequently broken up into parts, with a fragment ending up here and there.  A connection to something or someone distant by time, or geography.   

We all have relics in our lives.  I have the bronze elephant paperweight that my Grandmother Godfrey had on her desk, that came from her mother's desk before her.  I have two tools on my desk at work, a beekeepers hive tool - symbolic of the work my parents did, and a micrometer from J's father's tool box.  Both of our fathers worked in precision machining, both used micrometers. J's father died before I came into his life, yet I feel a connection to him - through the tool he used in his daily life.  

What relics are in your life?   


  1. I have a holiday wax candle and holder my grandmother used to display in december. the candle has never been lit. it is comforting to see. grandmom will be dead 30 years in september.

  2. My Dad taught me how to use a slide rule, but for the life of me, I don't know what happened to the two he had.

    I have a bunch of kitchenware I got when my grandmother passed away, much of it still very serviceable.



  3. Relics? Where do I start? Let's just focus on my paternal grandmother's candy dish. She was the only grandparent that lived long enough for me to achieve adulthood. She died shortly after I moved west. I returned for a visit just after her memorial service due to my work. I went to her house with my dad and it was still there on the end of the kitchen counter. It always had hard candy in it when we were kids. I always looked forward to lifting its lid and selecting a piece of candy. Dad asked if there was anything I wanted and I told him I wanted that candy dish. Every Christmas I stock it with hard candy for the season.

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