Friday, July 21, 2017

I Interrupt my regularly Scheduled Fun for a Short Random Rant

So the White House replaced the Communications Director today, Spicer is out, no big surprise he couldn't lie well enough to work in this administration.  I listened to the New Guy's introduction while doing my daily penance on the elliptical machine, I won't bother learning his name - he won't be around that long.  

He said "I am a team player, I have played team sports all of my life, well when I was growing up."  Which is it, all of his life, or when he was growing up?  The press is going to eat this guy alive, his imprecise use the language will get him ripped to shreds.  I would have known 15 minutes into an interview that he was not the right person for the job, at this time, in this administration, with a press core already tasting blood in the water.  

More horse exhaust in the White House.     


  1. Any credibility seems to be fading me thinks

  2. the dump only hires idiots...

  3. Anonymous7/21/2017

    since you don't know the new guys name, an Italian from Long Island NY, you obviously aren't aware either how the new guy ripped CNN to shreds over a fake news story. new guy did it with such finesse CNN was forced to fire three reporters over the disaster.
    if you are going to comment on politics, learn the facts first.
    otherwise you're just another blogging moron, from nowhere, going no where.
    God Bless Donald Trump. Greatest president of all humankind!
    PS: if you know anything about Italians from Long Island, you know that they don't take any crap. they also don't take any survivors.

  4. His nickname, "The Mooch." With every misstep of this government I think, "Maybe this will do it."

  5. I simply adored Maxine Waters' response and Anne Marie speaks the truth.

  6. You could have fooled me. Good year Airship? I mistook it for Governor Christie.


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