Friday, July 21, 2017

West Side Market - Still as Great As Ever

On my short list of things I wanted to do in Cleveland was visit the West Side Market.  We had been there a couple of times a decade or so ago, and I wanted to see how it was doing.  It is doing great.  Since out last visit the market has better parking, just as many vendors and lots of interesting offering.  

The main market hall if permanent vendors, a lot of meat specialty providers, a couple of cheese vendors and several bakeries. There is a very authentic diner in one corner (nice lunch.)  There is an enclosed outer market with primarily fruit and vegetable vendors - more fresh and seasonal stuff. 

Some day, I would like to live near a place like this and shop in it everyday for fresh ingredients.  

Where is your favorite market?  


  1. if I lived in the city, it would be reading terminal market.

    the ONLY place to go in the city!

    but since I am in the burbs, my go to grocery store is aldi.

  2. What a space... and that would leave me plenty of room to side-step the skinned rabbits!

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