Sunday, July 23, 2017

Sunday Five - Cruising

Cruising is a popular way of traveling and adventure and inspiration for this weeks Sunday five 

  1. Have you taken a cruise? 
  2. Would you take a cruise on a ship that didn't have a casino? 
  3. Big ship or small ship?
  4. Would or do you, look forward to "formal night?" 
  5. Balcony or inside cabin? 
My answers: 

  1. Have you taken a cruise?   Twice, back in 2008, the top ship was a cruise to Alaska, the second was a trip to the Bahamas (the third ship is spending the summer cruising the great lakes - looks like fun.) 
  2. Would you take a cruise on a ship that didn't have a casino?  Probably - though I do not want to do a Disney cruise - too many children. 
  3. Big ship or small ship? The bigger the better. 
  4. Would or do you, look forward to "formal night?"  - No, a silly tradition. 
  5. Balcony or inside cabin? Outside with a view - though on the Alaska cruise we had an inside cabin and I slept so well - then there was the matter of the sleeping pills getting mixed up with the anti-inflammatories - that is another story.  


  1. Oh.......THAT cruising! At first I thought this may have to do with the Dick Dock in P-town. Moving on....

    Have you taken a cruise? No. I'm not sure they are for me. If I ever do, I'm considering a river cruise instead.
    Would you take a cruise on a ship that didn't have a casino? Yes, I don't gamble much, except when it comes to my men.
    Big ship or small ship? Usually bigger is better, my motto for years, but shockingly I'd do a smaller quaint river cruise.

    Would or do you, look forward to "formal night?" Anytime I have the opportunity to wear elbow length white gloves and a turban with Diamante brooch...I'm in!!!!
    Balcony or inside cabin? Balcony. The view and fresh sea salt air! 

  2. 1. Yes
    2. Yes
    3. Big is always better... isn't it? ;)
    4. No
    5. I had no choice, cos I was the ship's nurse, on night duty. My cabin was deep in the bowels of the ship and so dark I never knew if it was day or night. Which was good because it meant I had the best night duty sleeps of my working life! Except for the days I went ashore which was often. I had a fabulous time though. Double paid as well, because I was on holidays from my ordinary hospital job.

  3. Have you taken a cruise? Several, but only for business. I represented major cruise lines in one of my careers.
    Would you take a cruise on a ship that didn't have a casino? Yes.
    Big ship or small ship? Small.
    Would or do you, look forward to "formal night?" Absolutely not.
    Balcony or inside cabin? Balcony.

  4. 1. once in 1998, from alexandria to the outer banks and back (3 days). it was called a "cruise to nowhere", just to get people interested in cruising. it was fun; they had to raise the I-495 bridge over the potomac to let us pass.

    2. yes; I'm not a gambler

    3. small; I don't like lots of humanity and brats

    4. no, that's stupid; I ain't trying to impress anyone

    5. balcony

    PS - maddie, YOU GO GIRL!

  5. 1) Yes, twenty
    2) Yes as I don't gamble
    3) I've been on 400 up to 5,000 passenger ships and I prefer around 1,000
    4) Formal nights are fun but I'll pass in the future except if I get to transatlantic aboard the QM2 again.
    5) Balcony please.

  6. 1, one to Alaska, it was fantastic.
    2, yes, gambling doesn't interest me.
    3, since I've only been on one, a large ship, if I ever did a cruise again, I'd like to try a small ship.
    4, no formal night.
    5, balcony.

  7. 1. In my youth I did a lot of cruising.
    2. Cruising is a gamble in itself; I don't need more.
    3. I am not 'into size' when I cruise. What is more important is the activities.
    4. I prefer to cruise casual but formal cruising has its flare.
    5. I like inside rooms when I cruise; outside one is likely to catch a cold or be arrested.

  8. Like Maddie I was like, "Cruising? Hmmm, interesting." Then I relaized you meant on a ship so, here goes:
    1. I have never been on a cruise. The idea just doesn't appeal to me.

    2. If I cruised, I wouldn't care about the gambling.

    3. Big, so that if it sinks it might take longer, making a rescue possible.

    4. It might be fun ....

    5. Balcony; in case I got so bored--and I kid, I know there's lots to do--wanted to jump.

  9. Anonymous7/28/2017

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