Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Happy Independence Day

241 Years Ago Today, the United States of America declared it's independence from Great Briton. Some days in the past year I have wanted to say, oops, sorry, that was a bad idea, we would welcome the old Queen back.  It is never a good idea to upset old Queens.  

This is a good day to declare our independence from the the things that bother us while we are traveling.  

  • Silly discount airline rules - I will not book basic economy - ever. 
  • Bulky carry on luggage - I will check a bag and let someone else be the baggage handler (I get free checked bags with American and Delta.)  
  • Overpriced hotel breakfasts. In most places breakfast is the most economical meal of the day, but not at most big hotels.  They have gotten the idea of the $29.95 all you can eat buffet breakfast as being a good idea.  It isn't - and I won't.  
  • Long airport security lines, TSA Pre-check or I am not interested in flying. 
What do you vow to change about travel? 


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    1. god dammit!!!

      *I* was going to say that!!! LOL!



    2. HA! I was awake at 6a today!

  2. I like the last on most
    What I find nasty about travel is paying for the internet in hotels. They charge because then know they can. I complain and give bad reviews on this. Perhaps it will change in time.