Thursday, July 06, 2017

Your Mother Forgot to Cook the Cabbage

I come from a coleslaw family, J comes from a cooked cabbage family.  I had never had cooked cabbage until I met him, the first time he cooked for me he made stuffed cabbage - delicious but a bit complicated to make. More than once when we were visiting my family, J remarked, "your mother might be slipping, she forgot to cook the cabbage."  

For you cooked or not cooked? 


  1. Cooked ...with black pepper and some butter!

  2. I hate the smell of cooked cabbage!

  3. I like both cooked and raw, try it steamed with other mixed veggies, with a drizzle of sesame oil and soy sauce.

    I like broccoli and cauliflower too...and as Mark Twain said, "Cauliflower ain't nothin' but cabbage with a college education."



    (ps, I just finished off a jar of!)

  4. Both.
    I grew up in a household where mom made slaw, mom stuffed it, mom boiled it, mom...if you can think of it made it. Cabbage was cheap and she had a dollar to stretch. I love cabbage in all forms.

  5. tell me when you're in the CLE

  6. Mama cooked cabbage and made cole slaw from raw cabbage. I love cabbage both ways. The aroma of cooked cabbage is heavenly. Now, I cut cabbage in large pieces, about 3"x1" and throw it in soup the last 30 minutes.

  7. we had neither. I heard about them but didn't see them until college served stuff cabbage.

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