Monday, July 24, 2017

Omnivores Dilemmas

We had dinner with Ed and Paula in Cleveland at Sokolowski’s University InnOh my, when you have a chance it is worth the adventure for eastern European comfort food.  The restaurant had lamb-chops as a special of the day.  Paula told me I couldn't order lamb - because lambs are so cute. She also said rabbit was prohibited for the same reason (alas rabbit was not on the menu - or I might have.)  

I opted for the stuffed cabbage (good, but not like J's mother use to make.)  This raises the question of a dilemma for an omnivore, should we only eat ugly things?  What is the standard of beauty for things we are considering eating?  I feel like a wimp, in that I generally won't kill it before I eat it (fish are an exception - I have done the deep on fish and shellfish.)  Yet, I will eat anything - at least once.  We all have cultural prejudices when it comes to food, I don't come from a background of religious restrictions on food - that make it easier for me.  

If lamb is off the table, what about mutton?  If rabbit is on the table why not kitty?  In the end I will try just about anything that is culturally appropriate to the place I am in.  

If there anything you would never eat?   


  1. There are so many things I would never eat. I've been cutting back lately on the meat I will eat because of my emotional response to it. But like Paula I'm not consistent. I've been focused a lot on fish lately. Cows and chickens are cute, too.

  2. plenty of things I won't touch; too long to list here.

  3. When I was in Army basic and advanced training, liver is the only food I wouldn't take seconds on...but I did eat the first serving.

    I don't think I've eaten liver since!



  4. I struggle with meat - I eat it and avoid it based on my current emotional reaction to it (and my inconsistent digestive capabilities.) I won't eat liver (hate the flavor) and don't eat lamb, rabbit or exotic animal meat. I don't travel out of the us (yet) or much within, so beef chicken turkey duck pork fish and seafood are basically my only options anyway. I am adventurous with all other food, but with meat I stick to the familiar.


  5. I won't touch sushi, unless it's a vegetable it must be cooked. I'll pass on many other things as well.

  6. Anonymous7/28/2017

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