Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Summer Thoughts

I like the long, sunny, warm days.  I always have.   I am reminded of lazy summer days, when school was out, when the teachers let the fools out.  I admire countries like France and Italy that take a month off in the summer. Not the same as summer break from school, but close.  Time to disconnect and experience changes in attitudes.  

How is your summer? 


  1. August is a month off for the majority of Spaniards. Head away from the beach and you'll find many very quiet towns (except for the foreign tourists). We cut to a minimum our meals out in August. Reservations are a must and then it's way too busy anyway.

  2. quiet, dull, boring (like my men). spouse is still in recovery from surgery. we both are working. only the cats are lazy.

  3. Summer is freezing.

    I'm taking a few days off, and I'm spending my time drinking beer, wandering aimlessly in the woods, eating berries, and swimming.



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