Thursday, July 27, 2017

Weekday Routine

Urban Bees in Cleveland, three blocks from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. 
My typical week day, that would be 90% of them, I wake up around 6:00 AM.  After a stop in the bathroom, I click on my desktop computer, grab a Coke Zero and something simple to eat - like a slice of bread with cheese spread on it (I make my own cheese spreads.)  I log on to the computer, open Chrome and click on my email, Facebook and my blog.  I review them in that order, hoping that my blog posting of the day posted as expected.  Then I run through my short list of favorite blogs, check the Washington Post and Lexington Herald Leader.  I then revisit the bathroom, take a shower, dress and head for the door.  I am usually on the shuttle to the subway station by 8:15.  I read on the trains, arriving at the office around 9:00 AM.  

Logging onto my office computer, I look at the internal organization website, office email, personal email.  Replying to office email takes an hour or more.  The rest of my work day is spent responding to email, participating in meetings and conference calls, making progress on one or another of the half a dozen research projects I am usually working on.  Sometime mid-day I run down to the deli on the lower level of the lobby and grab lunch, eating at my desk while continuing to work. When I have run out of steam, usually between 4:00 and 4:30 I restart my office computer and head for the subway.  I get more reading done on the ride home.  

At home I check the mail, check email, Facebook and Blogger, then change and go over the gym in the community center for my 30 minutes of ME time.  After that I cook, enjoy dinner, watch a couple of hours of TV, then go to bed.  

Yea, that is about as exciting as my week gets.  Half a dozen times a year I get to travel for work.  A major change in routine.  Then there are my weekends. 

What is your typical weekday like? 


  1. There are days I tire of my routine and dream of my next adventure and departure from the "rut"; then there are days, I long for my routine. My days and week are not too different: up, shower, dress, breakfast with hubby and dogs, hour drive to work. 8-9 hour work day (emails, meetings, supervision, projects.) Hour drive home. Dinner. Blogs. Chores or house project. TV. Bed. With a smattering of medical appointments and tests sprinkled in, depending on my current state of health. :-)


  2. Up at work by 06:00...home by 15:00.



  3. Currently I get up around 8am, email, read blogs then depending on day run errands, or volunteer at the ASPCA. Then usually at the pool most days enjoying what time I have left before next trip. All that will change in about two months.

  4. Nothing exciting here. I've grown to rather enjoy routine.

  5. up at 6a, out the door by 8a, work 8:30a - 4:30p, either to go gym (TU & TH) or run errands on the way home, eat dinner, catch up on blogs, in bed by 9p. I know, I know, boring as hell.

  6. Anonymous7/28/2017

    My heart is with you regarding your father. Not a pleasant way to live... for him or any of the people who love him.


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