Tuesday, July 18, 2017

No Mistake By the Lake

I bought a pin that says, "I liked Cleveland, before it was cool" and I did.  J is from that area, we have visited many times.  This trip we stayed downtown, something we had done a couple of times 10-12 years ago.  I like urban centers, and like many Cleveland's had not done well from the 1970's through about 2000. In fact in the 1980's Cleveland was referred to as the mistake by the lake.  

There has been an explosion in redevelopment and new construction, there are many fun restaurants and small shops. There is a nice casino.  We took a boat tour, had lunch in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, wandered around and watched the street life of an alive city.  It was fun.  There will be several more postings, I took a ton of pictures.  

Have you been to Cleveland?  


  1. No, but apparently my Mom was born there.

    You would think the river catching on fire would draw tourists, eh?



  2. I used to make jokes about Cleveland even though I had never been there. Then a friend took a job at Case Western and we discovered it had a lot to offer. And that was in the 80s. Would love to see it now.

  3. in 2000; spouse and I took the train out there and spent a week. we did the R&R, went to the top of terminal tower, rode the trolley car, ate in some great restaurants, and OMB the chicken paprikash! we stayed at the holiday in lakeside (it's now a different brand); walkable to everything.

  4. Never been. I hear it has a lake.

  5. regarding the above pix, see the brat in the background? it's probably hers, and the entitled self-absorbed mombie and daddy thought it would be cute to park it there. WRONG!