Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Where to Next, and When?

The next couple of adventures are booked, Florida the end of August to visit family, and Phoenix and southern California in November, a Spo visit, a board meeting and a conference.  Making good on my commitment to add a couple of personal days onto at least one of my work trips this year.  

What could change it?  My father is not doing well.  He is 89 and has a laundry list of bad health - has had for a while now.  He has also had two really bad falls recently.  He fell and hit his head on his safe, we have joked for years that he would go out of this life clutching the bounty of a life well and carefully lived, he came close to doing just that on that fall.  A couple of days later, he fell and injured his back.  He is on oxygen and well medicated. I am checking in with my sister a couple of times a day, and looking at airline tickets just as often.  His prognosis is simply not good.  He has done it his way, steadfastly staying home, with minimal intervention.  My sister knew he was doing poorly, when he started asking for pain medication.  

Sometime soon I fear I will have an unplanned trip or two to Florida to make.  

The adventure is sometimes planned and fun, and sometimes not. 

Update - I am headed to Florida on Thursday.  


  1. such a dapper penguin.
    the spo visit will be fun. :)
    sorry to hear that news about your dad. :(

  2. My heart is with you regarding your father. Not a pleasant way to live... for him or any of the people who love him.

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