Monday, July 03, 2017

Nuts in the News

Apparently a testicle is worth a million dollars in Pennsylvania. According to a recent news report, that is about what a jury awarded a man who is, well how to put this - missing one.  

For the past 15 years the man had suffered from a testy testicle, with ongoing pain in one gonad.  He finally consented to have the offending orb removed.  To put it indelicately, the surgeon cut off the wrong one. This leaves, Uno, as his friends now call him, with the testy testicle.  Uno is still in pain. He has chosen not go under the knife again and is reportedly a bit upset, imagine that, so he sued. A Pennsylvania jury did put a price on love, a little over one-million dollars for pain suffering and incompetence.  It didn't help that the surgeons post operative notes said, ops, I may have removed the wrong one.  I had a doctor say ops one time as he was cutting into the side of my face - it is not a good thing to hear - but that is another story. 

One million dollars, too much, or not enough? 


  1. Oops?!? If I were that patient I'd be a bit "teste," too.

  2. $1M will never bring his good nut back, nor will it relieve his pain. that MD should have his license revoked!

  3. I say we cut off the surgeons' testicles + the 1 MIL.



  4. Nowadays they have lovely replacements and these can be larger than the real ones.
    I think the man missed an opportunity to have a bigger pair.

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