Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Hilton Cleveland

Opened just a year ago at a cost of $272,000,000 the Hilton Cleveland is spectacular.  It's prime location on Lakeside affords expansive views of Lake Erie.  The hotels 600 rooms are spread of 32 floors, with a spectacular view from the hotel bar on the 32nd floor, complete with an open air deck overlooking the lake.  The hotel adjoins the underground convention center.  It is an easy walk to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, the ballpark and the Terminal Tower entertainment area.  

When we returned to our room Sunday night, a Goodyear Airship (actually a Zeppelin owned and operated by Goodyear) was hovering near the hotel.  

The hotel is new, modern, and comfortable.  Definitely worth the stay.  


  1. You could have fooled me. Good year Airship? I mistook it for Governor Christie.

  2. What a great view and location. I still love the effect of these reflecting glass walls.

  3. maddie, you so bad! :) - this where we stayed in 2000 (it was a holiday inn then). walking to everything was easy peasy!

  4. I don't like being high up in buildings...I always start thinking about, "The Towering Inferno."



  5. I've never been to Michael's. I'd rather go over one street to Big Al's. ...and you were 'hood adjacent. Only about 1.5 miles away.


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