Tuesday, July 11, 2017


I can still remember the first time I indulged, the clumsiness, feeling and finding my way, not knowing quite what to do with it, but trying as hard as I could,  the sweetness of finding the meaty core and sinking my teeth into a lobster for the first time.  I kind of like lobster.  I seldom order it, it can be rather expensive.  We had a quick lunch at the Newport Lobster Shack, actually my first "food truck" experience, the food is cooked in a mobile kitchen.  It was very good.  

Out on the lobster docks we passed many barrels of "bait."  Salted fish and the fermenting whole fish.  Be glad the smell-a-blogger on that first barrel.  You can take my word for it, or go smell for yourself.  

Have you ever cooked a live lobster? 

When I was a teenager, my grandmother and I picked up live lobsters to take home to cook.  I was getting all strange about it and she just chucked them and said to "act my age."   


  1. nope, could not do it. I like mah lobstah out of the shell and on my plate.

  2. I ate lobster until I cooked one. Haven't eaten lobster since and never will.

  3. Anonymous7/11/2017

    No never. I'd probably want to read it the last rites over the top of the pot and Im not even Catholic. But I do eat it. I had it in pasta in Majorca a while back.

  4. Thanks for stopping by!!! I am still getting caught up with my favorite blogs. I LOVE lobster, but have never cooked a whole one. I hear they scream in the water when entered. Whether true or myth, I'm not about to find out.

  5. I love lobster. Haven't had it for years. The last was in Baja California, which was nothing like the Maine lobster I had become used to. I never cooked it myself but was always around for the cooking. We used to go camping in Maine and have fresh lobster cookouts over an open fire. Oh so good!