Saturday, July 22, 2017

Random Beauty

I accidentally clicked something in Windows 10, I really don't know what it was, and when my computer goes into screen saver mode, it shows random photos from the over 40,000 digital images on my computer.  It is really very wonderful, reminding me of the great adventures of the past, inspiring me for the adventures of the future.  

What inspires you to travel? 


  1. to see what's around the next bend in the road.

  2. Interesting how the flower fits in quite well with the theme of the other photos.
    Discovery inspires me.

  3. I liked your photos but for the one with the triffid hanging from the ceiling.
    At this time of the year, it is the temperatures that inspire to travel - anywhere but here.

  4. Anonymous7/28/2017

    I won't touch sushi, unless it's a vegetable it must be cooked. I'll pass on many other things as well.