Wednesday, July 12, 2017


I parked next to this at dinner one evening, it is Bentley SUV, base price in the USA $229,100.  I question what Bentley was thinking when they came up with this idea, probably that there are enough people willing to pay that much for something this ugly, that they can make money on it.  

It looks a bit like a porn star, who went off the diet for a decade.  Still nicely upholstered, but a bit large in the hips. The front is simply large, the back side is huge and lacks lines or styling.  The interior looked like a nice place to spend the day.  

It is a head turner, but not necessarily in a good way.  If I had that kind of money to spend, I'd buy 2 or 3 of something else instead of one of these.  

Would you keep it if it was given to you? 


    give me a kia soul instead!

    1. I request Kia Soul when I rent cars while traveling. I love those cars.

  2. Absurd. And not because of the aesthetics. I figure if someone likes luxury they cans spend an unnecessary $70,000 on a car and still send a few needy kids to school with what they save.

  3. On my early morning walk last Sunday, I passed behind a restoration shop that had two Rolls Royces parked there.

    One was a '59 or '60 (single round headlights) and the other was probably mid-70s (double headlights.)

    They were strikingly beautiful, unlike the piece of crap in your pictures.



  4. Someone is free to give it to me but I'd sell it and grab me a new Tesla Model S and then donate the leftover $$$ to San Diego Humane Society.

  5. Nope. Bentley is not the prettiest car ever made. Rather odd looking. When I go to the Raven, some guy there must drive a Rolls. It's always there when I go. They seems boxy too.

  6. Anonymous7/12/2017

    If someone gave me one I'd sell it and buy a property!