Friday, June 30, 2017

Work When I Work, and Not when I am Not

I have to constantly remind myself to work when I am working, and not when I am not.  I get busy from time to time, and work spills over into personal time.  I remind myself that I don't sleep in my office and I don't work in my bedroom.  When I start doing one, I need to start doing the other.  

Hence, Saturday and Sunday afternoon's, when I am home and the sun is out, you will find my floating in the pool for a few minutes each afternoon.   

One of this year's impulse Amazon buys, was an underwater camera.  I have always wanted one, now I need to find places to use it.  

Do you work at home, or sleep in your office? 


  1. NEITHER! they pay me to work at the office, not at home. my time is just that - MY TIME!

  2. I aim for my paid work to be sleeping in my bed.

  3. I seem to be constantly working at home - 7/week I am doing something for work via the home computer.

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