Saturday, June 24, 2017

Julia Child

The Unabomer's cabin is in the Newseum, Thomas Edison's workshop is at Greenfield Village, Julia Child's Kitchen is in the Smithsonian.  I have seen two of these three.  Moment's in history, picked up and moved, preserved for people to see.  

Julia was innovative in testing recipes, and describing technique.  She was one of the first to emphasize the method as being just as important as the ingredients. Once I master technique, I can make anything, and change any list of ingredients to make almost anything I want.  I would have loved to have spent afternoon cooking with her.  She invited us into her kitchen on television, and you can still visit her kitchen today.  

Edison's workshop was home to great moments in technology.  His friend Henry Ford had it moved to preserve it.  

Someday I will go to the Newseaum to see the home of madman. 


  1. Even with my lack of interest in cooking, it would have been wonderful to spend time cooking with Julia Child.

  2. just to listen to julia speak...

  3. Anonymous6/24/2017

    I hadn't heard of her until I saw the film Julie and Julia. I've used her omelette recipe (yeah I can just about crack an egg) with herbs and it was great. She's definitely of the school - less is more.

  4. what a marvelous notion to preserve this room.