Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Sharp Dresser

I had a phone message on my office phone one evening recently, of course it came in after I left the office.  Why do people wait to make calls late in the day, after I have headed for home?  The message was from a woman, I didn't recognize the name or number.  The next morning I braced myself for the crazies, and called her back.  I got her voice mail and left a message saying I was returning her call. 

Later that afternoon, shortly before I left to go home, she called me back.  She said she was referred to me by a lawyer, she dropped a name I didn't recognize, it sounded like a television character.  I asked what it was about, and she explained that she was a "fashion and style consultant" and Bob or whatever his name was told her I was a sharp dresser, and I might find her help useful.  

At that point, I started laughing.  I know it is rude to laugh at a caller, but I explained that obviously the person who suggested she call me, didn't know me, because to say it as shortly as possible, I dress like a slob.  I suggested that she was wasting her time - I know she was wasting mine.  

So the women above, was she a bit overdressed for Wednesday morning rush hour? 


  1. Why would a "sharp dresser" need her help? That outfit on Metro is a first for me (well, I mean for me to SEE). I wonder what she does for a living.

  2. lawdy, that's one F-U-G-L-Y whatever!

    good thing you didn't fall for a scam; I would not have bothered calling the bitch back.

  3. No need for the built-in-bum warmer this sultry Wednesday morn.



  4. The woman above is a fashion don't.

  5. She apparently isn't aware she sat on her house tabby?

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