Thursday, June 01, 2017


I recently bought a new cell phone, my four year old Galaxy had gotten to the point that it didn't like to leave home.  The minute I got to the airport it started to get hot and the battery would promptly start to drain.  By 2 in the afternoon, it was dead.  When I returned home, it would be just fine.  Well a traveling penguin needs a phone that likes to travel.  (A technical explanation, when traveling the phone is constantly searching for a network, this places an additional strain on the battery, I had already replaced the battery once, and decided not to do it again.) 

I don't know why I bother with a personal phone.  I spend very little time talking on it, except for phoning home when I am traveling. If you call, and your name does not pop up on caller ID, I will not answer - and I am likely to block the number.  For a few years I had an office issued blackberry, at my request it had data service only, no phone service (it was paid for out of my project budget, doing data service only saved my budget almost $500 a year, enough for another airline ticket.)  

I still have a house phone, it comes in handy once in a while, but most of the calls that come in are junk, and we keeping adding numbers to the blocked caller service. On the house phone we have caller ID that displays on the televisions. Most calls go unanswered.  

So what does this have to do with the picture above?  This is the church in the village of St Mere Eglise in Normandy. During the D-Day invasion a parachutist snagged on the bell tower of the church.  For hours the bells rang, when he was rescued from the tower, it took days for the ringing in his ears to go away.  

Do you answer your phone?  


  1. I don't answer the home phone; I do answer my mobile. Especially since Jerry has a "dumb" (i.e., flip) phone that is usually not even charged and I have become house secretary.

  2. the home landline phone - I answer only if I know the caller id number/name; otherwise the call goes to the answering machine.

    don't have a cell phone.

    work phone - must answer all calls as it may be a customer placing an order/wanting information on our products. no caller id at work. I hang up on the junk calls.

  3. Only if I know the person on the other end.

  4. I'm with Bob. I have most personal and business I use already in the phone, so if you not a number programed in, it goes unanswered to voice mail.

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