Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Painted Rocks?

An old high school friend of mine, who does not blog, but should, has gotten into painting rocks.  It is just what it sound, she paints designs or decorations onto small stones and then leaves them in public places or gives them away.  She lives in Florida, I asked where she finds rocks to paint, and her answer was aisle 3 at Lowes. The goal is to leave a little art, in a public place, to add a little charm and adventure to the day of the person who finds it.  
I was thinking this is a local thing in Florida, well apparently it isn't, I ran across this one on the gate to the lower garden at Mt Vernon.  

Have you ever left something in a public place - hoping someone would find it and be pleased by it? 


  1. What a fun, kind, magical idea!


  3. no I haven't, but what an interesting idea...

  4. I left a picture of my youngest sister in a public place...

    Late 70s, I was taking a summer class at U of Md, and stopped in the Comp Sci building, where they had a display case of ancient computer stuff in the lobby.

    I pulled out a wallet-sized pic of my 7-year-old sister, and flicked it between the locked panes of glass of the display case.

    Luckily, it landed face-up between the old computer junk, so the rest of the summer folks were treated to Sissy's smiling face, replete with toothless grin. :-D

    When I returned for Comp Sci classes in the fall, the case was now littered with a mess of wallet-sized photos, which folks had deposited, in kind.

    I guess they figured Sis would like some company!



  5. No, I can't say I have.

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