Friday, June 09, 2017

Sweet Shops

I am noticing a trend in American Cities, candy stores - temples to sweet.  I saw the first one four or five years ago, more last summer in New York, even more this spring in Boston, and last month this monster in the Tribune Tower in Chicago.  

The offerings include classics, and an amazing selection of gummy bears, in all kinds of shapes, colors and flavors.  When you walk in the door they offer you a sample of a gummy something or other, and the flavor is so clean and intense, you are hooked.  I don't think you can leave without buying something.  

On the upper level this store has an area set aside for classics, anything you might have enjoyed as a kid, is there, even candy cigarettes - I was so shocked by seeing them, that I didn't take a picture.  I should have bought a pack just to be politically incorrect.  
I don't villainize sugar.  Sugar in and of it itself is not inherently bad.  Basic sugars fuel your body, much of what we eat is broken down into sugars to be used by our muscles.  An excess of sugar is not good for you, just like an excess of water, or sausage is not good for you.  All things in moderation.  

Have you been in a new mega candy store? 


  1. ItSugar in Coney Island. Not as mega as yours but still like being at a theme partk.

  2. no, since I don't go shopping (except for groceries). spo would probably be in heaven with the gummi bears! gimme some licorice allsorts and I am happy.

  3. Just about the only place I can find my Giant Smarties and some childhood favorites like Pop Rocks and Fun Dips. I'm still a kid at heart.

  4. No can't say I have of recent. I generally pop into our local See's Candy warehouse several times a year for whatever seasonal items I need and that's about it.

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