Thursday, June 15, 2017

Farmers Market Wheels

So what do you drive to the farmer's market on the weekend?  Nearly every weekend in the summer, we head out to one or another of the local markets, usually we take my modest little Mazda hatchback.  We parked one recent Sunday on the way to the vendors in the parking lot, passed this stunner.  A BMW I-8, oh-my.  I had not seen one in the flesh.  It is quite stylish.  A mixed hybrid electric and gas drive, rechargeable batteries.  It is fast, fast, and fast.  I looked the base price in the US is about $145,000.  Your could buy six of my cars for that, you could buy four of J's Mercedes for that.  If I had a $145,000 car, I don't think it would be my weekend market wagon.  Kind of like finding a Rolls Royce in the drive through at McDonalds. 

Would you drive this to the market? 


  1. I go to the market the old fashioned way...on horseback, side saddle of course.

    Last time Warbucks was in town, he used to have a BMW, but traded it for a Maserati. I don't know what they run, but it sure is sleek. I didn't even know they still made them.

  2. I can't afford those wheels; I'll stick with my hyundai. to me, expensive cars are saying "go ahead, scratch me, you KNOW you want to".

    1. I thought they were saying, "I have a little pee-pee."



    2. well, yeah, that too. overcompensating.

  3. There are several of those BMW plug-in hybrid sports car thingy's here in my 'hood. Being SoCal flashy cars are everywhere even at the farmers market. I enjoy cars but over the top expensive sports cars just aren't my thing.

  4. Anonymous6/15/2017

    We walk! My friend Ted has a BMW5 AND a BMW3 - that's a million for you.

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