Friday, June 23, 2017

Drinking with Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart has a new television show, a cooking show, with Snoop Dog.  Apparently they are friends.  They certainly seem to be having fun.  

I was channel surfing, you know, 249 channels of cable TV, and nothing really great to watch, and I stumbled across Martha and Snoop, engaged in a friendly competition to see who could make the best fried chicken, the person whose best subject in high school was calculus, or the person who has been struck by lightening three times - and has lived to tell about it.  

Martha remarked that the chicken she was cooking came from a farm just down the road. Someone asked if she still kept chickens at her home, and she said yes.  The next question was "well don't you just kill your own chickens."  She said she has.  The next question was do you shoot them.  Her answer was no, she gives them vodka to drink and then cuts their heads off.  A quick tip, if you are hanging out with Martha and she starts pouring vodka for you, WATCH OUT!  Not surprising for a woman who has been struck by lightening three times.  Yep, Snoop's best subject in High School was calculus - you never know.  

Would you hang out and cook with Martha? 


  1. No thanks! I can think of many other people I'd like to hang out with... but not cook.

  2. nope, I can't stand martha. now snoop dog...yeah!

  3. Not a huge Martha fan, but she does seem to be quite handy around the house.



  4. I can, sort of, say I was struck by lightening as I was in a jetliner when it was struck by lightening while landing. I can't, sort of, say that calculus was my best subject in high school since I never made it past algebra.
    Any-a-who, while I might think Martha a bit pompous and Snoop just a stoner, I'd hang out and cook with both of them. Who knows it might be fun.

  5. I'd hang out with Martha. I think she'd be a hoot!

  6. Anonymous6/23/2017

    I want to live in her house. If I did ever cook with her I'd like her to explain why here chilli recipe almost blew my head off.

  7. No I would not she was mean to Julia Child.

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