Monday, June 05, 2017

Traveling in Sensible Shoes

Living in a world capital and traveling as much as I do, I see a lot of tourists.  Increasingly travelers wear sensible shoes, but I still see some wearing stylish but uncomfortable shoes.  I have seen tourists barely able to walk late in the day from walking too many miles in the the wrong shoes.  I have seen blister, and sunburned feet, limping tourists suffering senselessly in the name of fashion. 

I like shoes.  I own a lot of shoes.  Over the past few years, I have settled into wearing shoes that are comfortable. I still enjoy shopping for styles and colors, but the bottom line is comfort trumps looks, I have settled into the point in my adventure of only wearing sensible shoes - unless it is only for a short time with not a lot of walking or standing - then I have these wonderful shoes that are just so right.  

Shoes, do you buy for style or comfort? 


  1. Style comes first but they then have to pass the comfort test.

  2. comfort only; style be damned! clogs are FABU!

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