Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Pigs and Chickens and Ducks!

I grew up in the country, on a funny farm,  in the midst of real farms.  It is a part of who I am.  For years I said that someday I was going to buy a few acres in the country and raise a huge garden, and raise pigs and chickens and ducks.  Then I realized how much physical labor that would be, and I kind of changed my tune.  I  now know that I am not physically able to do what needs to be done to make a garden look like the one above.  I still love the look, but I need someone else to do the work.  

Would you move to 10 acres and raise pigs and chickens and ducks? 


  1. nah, city kid here. my hands were not born to touch dirt, only concrete.

  2. Not even when I was younger and physically able. (Bit hard to do physical work when you need a walking stick to get around.) But I tend to be allergic to much of the outdoors: both things that grow in the ground and animals. So, short answer, no. Plus, I'm too bloody lazy. Heh.

  3. Done that worn the T shirt!

    1. I was thinking of you when I wrote this one.

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