Monday, November 30, 2015


A penguin could eat well in Daytona Beach, lots of fresh seafood around.  That area has great shrimp (prawns), scallops, sea bass and red snapper.  Some really good stuff.  I am always surprised to find Cod and Salmon on a menu in Florida as fresh fish, those are cold water fish from hundreds or thousands of miles away.  There are local oysters, not bad fried.  For fresh raw oysters, I prefer colder water.  Pacific coast oysters have more flavor - and are best when on the west coast.

Or a bird could struggle to eat well in Daytona, with these discriminatory signs.


  1. sign ME up for shrimp and scallops! YUM YUM!

  2. Anonymous11/30/2015

    Any birds that can fly need only to take themselves over to the nearest fast food restaurant - I always see them divebombing in the parking lots for discarded french fries.

    ~ Freckles

  3. Very fortunate birds, indeed.