Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Holiday Plans?

Holiday Plans anyone?  Now is the time to finalize your travel plans, the longer you wait the more it will cost.  Shopping, why haven't I started my shopping.  Traditional mixed tree, or theme tree this year?  Should we put up special lights on the terrace this year?

For the first time since I have owned the condo, J will be here to help with Christmas plans and decorations.  I plan to give him free reign to do what ever he wants.  The tree and decorations are down in the storage room, Target down the street will have anything we want to add.  Knock yourself out big guy.

Thanksgiving will be at Mom and Dad's.  I have two hotel reservations left to make for that trip - sounds like a good thing to do next.


  1. if I ruled the world, november thru february would be removed from the calendars. in it place would be another april, may, september, october.

    the "holidays"? bah humbug; they suck.

  2. I love that room at the National Gallery.

    1. Anonymous11/04/2015

      Thanks for identifying the picture. I was thinking Longwood Gardens in PA, but knew the fountain wasn't right.

  3. Next holiday?
    Im still reliving the last x

  4. As usual there are no travel plans. It is very hard for me to get 'coverage' and the price to travel and board the dog makes it too much.